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BREAKING : Mario Gotze Agree deal to join Liverpool in this summer on free transfer


Mauri on Burchell a flyer very fond of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp looks actually brought us eurozone at UM of the season according to a report in German altered the old club manager this 16 three cut German international during his time in chance at Jordan free on to the fly of the fertile to bindweed in 2015 before making his return to Signal Iduna France three year later for a reported nineteen point eight million euro go to what's called the winner in 2014 World Cup trainer has been limited to beat park for the season by head coach Lucien Parker who has foster on is attacking rank quarter this man with Ellen in Valhalla joining from saddle according to build good was unwilling to take cheating face and fight us to extend his tie at the Bundesliga side and with his contract running out in the summer the 27 years old is likely to leave them a second time culture gets on well with club happen when the two were no longer colleague will on God did an interview in avi last year Club now that I wanted to live by him of course without he now knew very well and I'm always looking for new challenge I often speak to cloth he brought me to the words team when I was 17 and he I meant it all possible we never stoppin talking when the club world find room in the Liverpool squad for Bertie is unclean but given the good working relationship the two have had in the past not to mention but then she Alabang able to snap him up for free surely the court gave the rainbows work you

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