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BREAKING: Man Cures His Depression By Texting Family From His Grave | ℑ??????????????


It can happen to anyone One of the most unhealthiest health issues, and a good reason to spend more time on your phone, is depression

Val, who was 53 years old at his time of death back in 2012, was on a mission to cure his depression So he reached out to his friends and family for support by text messages this morning The responses he received to his text messages was mostly shock For some reason, most people didn’t believe he was actually depressed The others just asked for money

His daughter, who asked to remain anonymous and who is definitely not me, had a lot of questions about her father’s health and well-being She said, “How are you texting me? Weren’t you cremated? Wait Are you sure you’re depressed and not just dead?” He said, “Wow I came out to have a good time and honestly feeling so attacked right now This is worse than that heart attack I died from” Eventually, he stopped texting, which means his depression was cured

And so was his heart attack So please, if you’re suffering from depression, spend more time on your phone It’s light therapy

Source: Youtube

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