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Breaking Language Barriers for First-Generation Latino College Applicants


The Latino community represents a significant growth and opportunity for the future Unfortunately, there are many parents whose children want to go to college but who don’t have access to information because they are Spanish-dominant parents

I was helping my own daughters through the college admissions process, and I became appalled at how expensive it’d become, how complex it’d become, and all of the things that my husband and I had the privilege to share with them My goal was to give other Latino parents that same opportunity And so we wrote a series of workshops on the pathway to college, applying to college and paying for college, in their language [Spanish] For the names, they need to be written exactly how they appear on your Social Security cards The students are fully bilingual, but their parents, they don’t understand the higher ed system

They can’t afford things like test prep And you have a 17-year-old that is basically trying to figure it out College seemed like something I’m not sure if my family could actually pay it off or we’d be in debt, but with Latino U, they’re there to help me go to college Latino U appears like an angel for us because we can help her to complete her dream to come true to be graduating from college We have put 140 students to college since we began, and we don’t stop there

We stay with our students throughout their four years of college, making sure that they transition to college successfully, they stay and that they’re also preparing to enter their chosen careers Now that I have graduated, Shirley is helping me find those people that I need to network with and find a potential job that I’m really interested in [Spanish] I feel super, super proud that she’s graduated from college When you educate a child, you not only transform their lives, you transform their parents’ lives, and you transform lives for their future generations and their children And so we feel this ripple effect of the work that we do is priceless

When you find work that you love, that you’re good at, that you can get paid for, and that makes a difference in the lives of others, it’s in that little Venn diagram that your bliss is found And I think that for the first time in my life, I can put all those circles together

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