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BREAKING! Kremlin Responds To Erdogan's Accusations: Respect Your Obligations in Sochi Accords!


Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Erdogan They discussed the Syrian crises primarily in the context of the recent aggravation in the Idlib de-escalation zone

The Kremlin press service stated that the talk was initiated by the Turkish side Presidents of both sides noted the importance of the full implementation of the existing Russian-Turkish agreements, including the Sochi Memorandum of September 17, 2018 I remind you that in September of 2018, Russia and Turkey agreed in Sochi on creating the demilitarisation zone in Idlib, where are present dozens of various formations And this is how the escalating situation in Idlib was commented by the press secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov Kremlin complies with Sochi accords where are prescribed obligations for certain countries According to this document, the Turkish side pledged to take upon itself the appropriate neutralization of the terrorist groups that were concentrated in Syrian Idlib

Unfortunately, at this moment these groups strike from Idlib at Syrian forces, in addition, they carry out aggressive actions against Russian military facilities This is unacceptable, and it runs counter to the Sochi accords

Source: Youtube

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