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BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Drops The Hammer – She’s Doing It


BREAKING: Judge Jeanine Drops The Hammer – She’s Doing It Supporters of President Donald Trump, including Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro, have had enough of the Democrats’ antics and, she for one, is preparing to take action

The host visited with another Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, on his Wednesday show and said that if the Democrats even say the word impeachment again she is taking action “I envision and I hope I’m right, a House that is Republican,” Pirro said “People are so fed up with these Democrats who want to impeach, impeach, impeach” The House could come back to Republicans in the 2020 election if voters are as furious with Democrats as Pirro thinks they are Pirro said they all the Democrats want is to have power and if they attempt to impeach this president again she will join a march on Washington, D

C “Who do these Democrats think they are?” the host said”… All they are interested in is not you the American people…” “What [they] want is power, she said “You know what? That is going to, in the end, defeat them as well it should “And,” she added, “If they say impeach again, there is going to be a march on Washington and I’m going to march this time

” Pirro also smashed House Speaker and California Rep Nancy Pelosi for tearing the president’s State of the Union speech on national television “She was prayerful She does things solemnly She only impeaches, you know, if it’s bipartisan,” she said, mocking the Speaker and what she has said about impeachment

“She’s a liar,” the host said “and she was reading and distracting last night behind the president I kept waiting for her to jump up and say ‘he missed a word, impeach him'” “She has proven to the American people that she doesn’t respect them She doesn’t respect the Tuskegee Airmen

She doesn’t respect the family of [late ISIS captive] Kayla Mueller, she doesn’t respect the family of Jody Jones [or] … anyone killed in a sanctuary city This is about pure power,” she said, mentioning the people who were honored in the president’s speech “And when she is in the most hallowed halls of Congress, behind the commander-in-chief, to rip up those sheets of paper is akin to her ripping up the Constitution,” Pirro said Pirro said that Pelosi is playing a game, one that she will not win and that will end with her being removed as Speaker of the House “This is a game

It’s a shell game Nancy Pelosi is the queen of the shell game And this is going to be her last term as Speaker She has lost it And, do you know what? She deserves it because she is smarter than to buckle to AOC, Rashida Tlaib and the rest of that crew,” she said

Source: Youtube

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