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BREAKING: John Bolton Willing to Testify in Trump Impeachment


We do have big news that I don't want to go overly crazy about because of how it will probably turn out The big news is that Donald Trump's former national security advisor, one of Trump's former national security advisors, John Bolton, one of the architects of the Iraq war says he's willing to testify in the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump

He says he would do it if he is subpoenaed That's typical in these situations to say you will show up if you are subpoenaed, uh, because you don't want to be accused of willingly showing up to bad mouth someone, but it's not totally clear that that's actually what John Bolton would do We just don't know Bolton said in a statement yesterday quote, I have concluded that if the Senate issues a subpoena for my testimony, I am prepared to testify Now, of course, whether he would be subpoenaed by a Republican Senate is a real open question

Republicans are likely to run the trial as Mitch McConnell has admitted in the way that's most beneficial to Donald Trump after Bolton and Trump's falling out It's very difficult to imagine that a Bolton testimony would actually be in Donald Trump's interest But nevertheless, Trump, uh, a Bolton rather publicly saying this does put some pressure on Republicans, uh, to bring them in Now, Marco Rubio, Republican Senator from Florida came up with a completely cockamamie excuse for why he doesn't think Bolton should testify It was something about, I'm paraphrasing here, I think he said it's a Manu Rajo of CNN

It was something along the lines of, well, the impeachment articles were based not on John Bolton's testimony So I think that the impeachment trial in the Senate should be based on the same things that the articles were voted on in the house Sort of saying like, if Bolton wasn't part of the proceedings in the house, he shouldn't be called in the Senate It was ridiculous You know, a number of different legal analyses say it makes no sense whatsoever

Now, as an update, uh, the president has been impeached by the house of representatives, speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi has not yet sent the articles of impeachment, both There's two of them, uh, to the Senate, which is required to get the trial going Remember that John Bolton previously declined to participate in the house's impeachment investigation saying that he was directed by the Trump administration not to comply with Congress He said, if you subpoena me, if federal courts uphold the subpoena, I will testify the committees ultimately did not issue a subpoena for his testimony

Now there is something interesting about the subpoena of John Bolton Many things in the Senate require a two thirds majority to impeach a president and convict them In the Senate You need a two thirds majority You need two thirds of senators, meaning 67 of the a hundred senators to vote to convict

Right now there are 45 Democrats and two independents who caucus with Democrats That's 47 votes in the Senate You would need 20 Republican senators vote to convict in order to remove Donald Trump, not likely to happen to subpoena John Bolton You need only a simple majority meaning 51 senators That means you need the 45 Democrats

The two independents who caucus with Democrats, Bernie Sanders and Angus King, and then just for Republicans to sign on to subpoena John Bolton You actually could make this happen If we go to our standard list of Republicans who might do something logical You've got Susan Collins from Maine, you've got Lisa Murkowski from Alaska You've gotten maybe Mitt Romney, uh, from Utah

People talk about over about what, about Cory Gardner from Colorado It's possible The idea of Bolton being willing to testify if subpoenaed is also funny If you are subpoenaed, you were required by law to show up They're talking about it like it's a choice and he would make the right choice

Now that's an issue that maybe will come up if, um, uh, Bolton is unwilling to respond to the subpoena, or if it is challenged by the white house and it goes to federal courts, but Donald Trump clearly will do what he can to prevent John Bolton from ultimately testifying Imagine being Bolton who has loved the idea of war with Iran for so long and now Trump waits until you're gone before trying to start a war with Iran He must just be furious and his neo-con boots Don't you think? Now as far as people getting super excited about Bolton's testimony, even if he's subpoenaed and even if the subpoena is upheld by a federal court and Bolton has to testify, he could choose to obfuscate unimportant issues He could plead the fifth unimportant issues

Bolton will do what is best for John Bolton and that might be showing up in obfuscating It might be showing up in self aggrandizing It might be showing up and saying nothing This guy is, not only is he no hero, he's really one of the villains of American foreign policy over the last 20 years and of course of the Iraq war The only good thing here is that it puts a little bit of pressure on Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to allow witnesses because otherwise it would look like they are trying to silence Bolton, which they probably are

But once again, if there's no consequences for silencing John Bolton, why wouldn't they do it? It wouldn't make a difference

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