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BREAKING: John Bolton Confirms ENTIRE THING About Trump


Being yet another devastating exposure of the line of Donald Trump Former national security advisor, John Bolton is now confirming the entire Trump Ukraine extortion military aid, Biden smear story in his book, and Trump is now even more panicked about preventing John Bolton from testifying publicly

I already told you last week they were panicking They are very much now panicking We really need to understand the scope and the seriousness of this story because it is almost beyond belief We are operating in a universe where if you said to someone living five years ago and following politics, this is what will be going on in 2020 Uh, no one would believe it as a screenplay

It would be too farfetched The latest is that John Bolton says in the manuscript for his upcoming book as yet unpublished, that Donald Trump straight up told him personally Remember, Republicans say they want firsthand witnesses They don't want hearsay or hearsay As we've heard

Some of them say Bolton was told by Trump withhold the military aid to Ukraine until they publicly smear Joe Biden I specifically said last week, what John Bolton needs to do is go public with what's in the book Check out what I said when I looked, uh, when last week it looked like Republicans were going to try to obstruct a Bolton from testifying or make him testify behind closed doors This is what I said last week I hope that John Bolton just goes public

Bolton has a book that will be published sometime this year before the election Even if it's just to sell books, I want Bolton to go public with what he knows If he's worried that he might sell more books by keeping the bombshell revelations only in the book, I think he'll sell away more books by becoming the guy who goes public rather than the guy teasing bombshells You've got to buy the book to see People will reward him for going public by going out and buying the book

Even if they never read it I hope we see him do it He's not a good guy, but he may be useful to us in this particular case if he is to simply go public with what he knows and what he saw That was last week and Bolton is doing exactly this if you believe that he was to some degree involved in orchestrating the leak of this Of course, a Bolton's lawyer says, we gave the manuscript to the white house and then it leaked

We of course have no way of knowing whether that was part of the plan or whether it was someone acting at the white house unilaterally to leak this we don't know, but going public over the weekend with the bombshell revelations at every opportunity, Donald Trump and the people around him have come up with every even remotely possible hypothetical defense for the crucial claim And the crucial claim of course is Trump knew what he was doing He deliberately withheld aid to push Ukraine to smear Biden publicly by announcing investigations into him They've said this was really Donald Trump trying to clean up the corruption in Ukraine That was Trump's concern

Ukraine corruption Trump wasn't aware of the timing of the aid The aid was ultimately released And so it couldn't have been a requirement to smear Biden since Ukraine never ended up smearing Biden And they eventually got the aid

Well, that falls apart given what we know about when they knew they were now suspected of doing exactly this, they had no choice ultimately, but to release that aid and on and on and on And of course, we can look at each of those claims individually, and we have, and we've refuted every one of them, but this is John Bolton coming in with a storyline that start to finish refutes all of it, right? We've been focused on, you know, when Trump says the aid was ultimately released, that doesn't really exculpate them because of this And because of that, Bolton just comes in and says, now I was told, withhold the aid until they announced that they're smearing Biden So understand the insanity of the upcoming situation that we find ourselves in and a normal situation without an impeachment trial going on If a former national security advisor made these claims, it would immediately trigger in a pre-Trump era hearings where John Bolton would testify under oath about this

Okay, and alone, this might cause a president to be impeached We just so happen to have a Senate impeachment trial going on right now where there is already a discussion of having John Bolton testify Republicans plan to argue likely Tuesday or Wednesday Trump's lawyers are in the middle of their 24 hours to present their defense of Trump in the Senate impeachment trial After that's done, senators will argue and debate which witnesses will testify who gets a subpoena, which ones will happen behind closed doors or in public

They are going to try to number one, keep John Bolton out of this altogether, which given what John Bolton is alleging would be absolutely ludicrous If they can't keep Bolton out altogether, they will either try to push it behind closed doors or try to trade Bolton testifying for pulling in Joe Biden, maybe even Hunter Biden They're looking at whether they want to have the Biden's involved, which of course they should not be And the dishonesty from the Trump white house is exposed here as well Again, how did this leak? Well, Bolton's lawyer says we sent a draft of the book to the white house for review back in December

Somehow it was leaked since then That may be true It may have been a coordinated leak, doesn't matter But what we know is the white house had a copy of the manuscript since December, and yet throughout January they continued to lie about what John Bolton knew and whether John Bolton did or didn't need to testify And they continued to tell a story that they knew John Bolton debunked in his upcoming book that Trump did nothing wrong, that there was nothing connected between the aide and Ukraine smears of Joe Biden

There are all sorts of other outrageous allegations in the book as well, which aren't making headlines and we'll get to So, for example, one is according to Bolton, Rudy Giuliani admitted that he wanted ambassador Maria Bonovitch removed, um, because he believed Bolton believes that Giuliani realized [inaudible] was obstructing Giuliani's cronies from doing corrupt things in Ukraine Consider the backwards, the projection there, right? The whole idea was Trump and Giuliani They wanted Ivana bitch out because she wasn't doing enough to fight corruption in Ukraine It actually appears according to what John Bolton alleges in his book, that Rudy Giuliani wanted Ivana bitch out because she was interfering in the corrupt acts of friends and henchmen of Rudy Giuliani

I mean, just, just imagine the backwards nature of what is going on here People working for Rudy or with Rudy were the corrupt ones Immediate questions Will Bolton testify? Will Bolton testify in public? Will? We know about that in the next couple of days? And the question coming on the tail end of this of course, is, is this going to affect whether Donald Trump gets convicted in the Senate? I still say probably not I believe that Republican senators will not care

We will be lucky to get four Republican senators to vote to force Bolton to testify, but I still don't see any path to a conviction for Donald Trump in the Senate If you disagree, I want to hear from you Let me know I said this last week, nobody got in touch saying they see a path to conviction for Donald Trump If you see one get in touch

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