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Breaking It Down – Episode 4 – A New Killer Whale!


Breaking news, a new species of killer whale has been discovered, kind of (whale cries) (upbeat music) These orcas, which are known as Type D killer whales have only been sighted dating back to 2011

But for the first time ever, Robert Pitman and his crew from NOAA were able to get skin and blubber samples Blubber These waters are notoriously reff (man screaming) This area is considered to have the world's worst weather, so this is a major accomplishment (children screaming) considering these killer whales look different than other killer whales (bell ringing) I spoke with team leader Robert Pitman about how exciting this research is

– [Robert] After all this time, it was like almost a mythical creature So I was glad to see 'em around the boat and to bring little bits home with us – I wonder if these new Type D killer whales got made fun of by the other killer whales Hey you, small eye patch giant melon head killer whale There are killer whales all over the world that look different and act different from one another, but to date, they're all considered to be the same species

But research like this could really help prove that they are in fact subspecies and we could get them much better protection I wanna thank you guys for watching the video If you appreciate it, if you have suggestions, definitely leave us a comment, leave us a question If you would like us to cover certain stories in the future, please email us at science@plasticoceansorg

Thanks for watching

Source: Youtube

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