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Breaking It Down – Episode 3 – Burning Plastic: The Pros and Cons


(high-energy music) – Over the next 20 years, plastic production is expected to double But worldwide recycling rates hover right around 30%, in the United States, right around 9%

What do we do with this stuff? Many countries around the world have actually resorted to burning their waste and using that energy for heat or steam One scary aspect of this comes from the emissions from burning plastic waste And although emissions can be controlled, there's not always a guarantee that countries have taken that responsibility Gasification involves melting plastics into a kind of synthetic gas, but right now natural gas prices are so cheap it's not really a competitor Pyrolisis is an even more interesting option

What this does is it melts the plastics into a more refined type of gas that can be used in place of diesel fuel There's also much less CO2 emissions when it comes to this process Ultimately we are creating and we're purchasing way too much plastic, so the best alternative is to avoid it altogether, but if we are gonna use it, these are really exciting options because they repurpose the plastic or use it for something else such as like a gas, and that's really exciting I wanna thank you guys for watching the video, if you appreciate it, if you have suggestions, definitely leave us a comment, leave us a question If you would like us to cover certain stories in the future, please email us at science@plasticoceans

org Thanks for watching

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