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What are youtube doing? and welcome to the channel In today's video I will do something different I will make a vlog I will do something similar to one day in my life, I'll take you with me me everywhere I will Now it's Sunday 9:20 am I'm awake from 5:30 am and I worked on my youtube channel as well I relaxed a little after I finished my work I watched some videos on youtube and right now I'm going to go too I will eat something, but I will do all things today and I'll film them with this room with DJI Osmo Action is a sports room and I'll use it to film everything what I will do today and use it and for future vlogs, therefore to go and eat something After I finished eating the next thing I will do will be to wet a little this earth, this land is next to my parents' house, this is the house and here This is where I planted some potatoes, garlic onion and I will water them a little and you also know what? let me show you some images of the moment in which I showed the earth, this it will happen in 3, 2, 1 And now let me put the camera down and I'm starting to get wet I managed to wet everything look look now the next thing I'm going to do is shoot a video and after that, well after that, I have a surprise so let's go I managed to I'm done filming now I will go on a hike before saying anything I won't meet anyone because the road I will take is isolated I will not meet anyone, I will not be with someone around me and the place where I will go is somewhere there somewhere there and I want to go there because I want to test this camera, I want to see what can this camera do, of course I'm not the best person to test it, because I'm not specialized in this, I'm not trying to be I just want to show you what features this room has has, which a novice like me can use them, so let's go! I'm going 20 minutes or so and it's a little tiring but I'll handle it, I just remembered that one person commented to one of the videos And he asked me to make a video about how love it is shown in our country, about the traditions of our country and to be honest with you the way now love is shown and not only in my country, everywhere on earth is using Social Media with all social media accounts and I have to breathe and in a way conversations and feelings which are shown around love are not so strong, now you can talk with your loved one at any time you just have to call her or give her a message and you're done in the past I think people felt more because they didn't talk so often and when they spoke they were present they were enjoying the moment they weren't on the phone when they spent time together and I thought the best way to show you the way in which the traditions were in my country in this region it's not by explaining but by showing you and what you will see in the following seconds, it is a video from 1964 from a wedding from my village that was filmed by a German tourist and it's pretty interesting because at that wedding my grandmother and grandfather participated and you will see in the video the way in which people were dressed at that time and the customs of that period and you will be able to see them in 3 2 1 Now that you've only seen a few moments cum the traditions of a wedding from that period in my country you will be able to find if you are curious see the full video in the description below and now I have to say I like this room because it has a screen in front and I can see myself there and you can change it at any time and also being an action room it's light, it's not heavy my hand does not hurt what is good and also does good pictures and film very well and now let me show you what I see around me, I have to say that I haven't reached the top, where I want to go but for now let me show you what it looks like here I managed to get there where I wanted to go I'm right at entrance to the forest this is where the forest begins and now the next thing I will do is to take my sweatshirt because I'm sweating and I don't want to catch a cold and after that I will start reading because I think this view from here It's a good sight for me to I read I tried to read something but the wind is strong and this is where I live is the top of the mountain, almost the top and and you can imagine that the wind is very strong so I won't stay here anymore I will go and go down to find a place where I can sit quietly and to read and I'll put the camera down and I'll take my book that's what I'm reading now you will see a video soon with a review for her and let's go and find a better place I'm done reading now I'm going home because to be honest with you I'm hungry and that's about it with this video after I eat maybe I'll watch a movie I do not know maybe one of my friends a good friend of mine recommended a movie called Contagion or Contagious, I'm not sure It no longer matters and maybe I'll look at him or maybe you do what another script for another video I also want you to leave in the comments questions you have for me about the following videos, about what would you like me to talk about in the following videos Also what you liked from what you saw in this video and and until next time don't forget, you're great! The video is over, though I have good news for you, you can still watch the video here in fact no, watch the video here is better but no not this is one of the best but that too is very good I can't decide watch all the videos!

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