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BREAKING: Iran Attacks US Bases, Trump Says "All Is Well!"


War with Iran may be escalating or it may not be, we don't know But what I can tell you is that last night, as I say, they started an impromptu livestream

As we learned that Iran had attacked two U S bases in Iraq It was feeling a whole hell of a lot Like that evening, uh, in 2003, when George W Bush was president announcing that we had started the war with Iraq, Iran has retaliated to Donald Trump's assassination of the Uranian Koons leader Kaseem Sola Moni, uh, with missile attacks on two U S bases in Iraq This includes the Al Assad base and IR bill, which is another air base

This was very much, uh, starting to feel like the beginning of the Iran war Although it's possible that it won't happen and I'll explain all of the possibilities momentarily It has not yet escalated in that way But as I watched the videos of the missiles last night, seeing the live news coverage brought me back to the start of the Iraq war Right now we are not aware of any casualties

Whether Donald Trump now does or does not react is a material irrelevant foreign policy decision But it's also related to some pretty clever strategy by Iran Thanks to Donald Trump being so triggerable and so arrogant and so egoistic And I'm going to explain that because that really Trump's personality could be the one factor that determines whether this becomes the Iran war or whether this stops here So let's go through this step by step because it's really important to understand the comings and goings because this could be an OnRamp to full scale war or it could be an off ramp from further escalation

So Donald Trump ordered the assassination of the Uranian codes leader We've already covered this Kaseem Soleimani who was assassinated without congressional authorization, which Donald Trump previously claimed Presidents do need to have Iran threatened to retaliate, and Donald Trump went to Twitter and said, if you do, we will escalate Remember Donald Trump tweeting quote, Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our reading the world of their terrorist leader who had just killed an American and badly wounded many others

Not to mention all of the people he had killed over his lifetime, including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters He was already attacking our embassy and preparing for additional hits in other locations Most of this appears to be untrue By the way, Iran has been nothing but problems for many years Let this serve as a warning that if Iran strikes any Americans or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites summit, a very high level and important to Iran and the Iranian culture and those targets and Iran itself will be hit very fast and very hard

The USA wants no more threats So Donald Trump among threatening war crimes, they're pre committed to further action if Iran retaliates So Iran did retaliate Two strikes yesterday hitting two different military bases in Iraq, although seemingly without any casualties launching more than a dozen missiles claiming that every missile hit its target despite not killing anybody Now, this was deliberate in the sense that it was calculated

This was a sophisticated move by Iran If Donald Trump does not want further escalation, Iran didn't kill anybody There are some reports alleging that these attacks were communicated ahead of time through a proxy to the United States to ensure that there would be no casualties at these bases so that Iran can get a retaliation on paper, save face as the case may be without actually killing anybody and without forcing Donald Trump to escalate further if he chooses not to And in fact, Iran's foreign minister Javad Zarif who also tweets foreign policy said quote Iran took and concluded proportionate measures in self defense under article 51 of you on charter targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens and senior officials were launched We do not seek escalation or war, but we'll defend ourselves against any aggression

This is actually an olive branch to Trump in the form of a possible off ramp if Trump actually does not want more escalation This is a move by Iran that allows Trump to stop here because Iran didn't kill anybody This Iran, uh, this Iranian attack does not force Donald Trump's hand If Donald Trump is determined to escalate, he's going to do it anyway Now this is where it gets bizarre

Yesterday in the midst of all this, Donald Trump tweeted during the livestream that we were doing quote all is well, missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq Assessment of casualties and damages taking place Now, so far so good We have the most powerful and well-equipped military anywhere in the world by far I will be making a statement tomorrow morning

This goes way too far This is way too casual It's way too upbeat It's almost like, Oh cool, we're going to have bagels and smoked salmon as well because this is all just so fun and we're all having a great time I was actually wondering whether this was even Donald Trump or someone else may have taken his phone and tweeted this

All is well, is the phrase of someone who either is in way over their head is completely intimidated by the more sophisticated strategic decisions being made by the Uranians, uh, or is simply gaslighting people My understanding of Donald Trump's personality and ego make it very difficult to imagine that he won't want to retaliate, but my sense is that there are people around Donald Trump, including probably secretary of defense, Mark Esper, who do not want an escalation and recognize that it is not actually necessary here Now, let's tail back to the tactics and strategy piece of all of this I do believe that if Donald Trump does not do further military hostilities, that Iran likely will also not do anymore I I, that seems reasonable

The thing about Iran is that much differently than Iraq Iran, cyber warfare capabilities are significant Even if a Ron's military does nothing more in the military realm, the cyber realm becomes a real possibility and one that Donald Trump's administration has not taken seriously throughout the presidency of Donald Trump Key takeaways Number one, this does not have to be the start of world war three, as some are calling it or of the Iran war as others are calling it

But it depends on Donald Trump And that's horrifying the, that the decision about whether or not the United States enters a major military conflict where they far better equipped opponent than Iraq I'm not saying they're better equipped than the U S they are better equipped than Iraq Uh, this, uh, particularly that that decision rests on bogus political grounds Um, uh, really primarily to help Donald Trump be reelected and distract from impeachment

It is horrifying that that's who and what this depends on Now, I want to hear from people in my audience, people who watch people who listen, who want war with Iran Okay Yesterday during our livestream we had about 10,000 live viewers and save a few obvious trolls and people who were joking, nobody says that this is a good idea So if you support war with Iran, not because you think it'll help Trump get reelected, but if you think that there is a worthwhile mission in going to war with Iran, tell me why you support it, what the targets would be, what the goal of the of this would be

How would we know if we've won, uh, and how long you expect it to take Okay I want to hear from you if you are in that camp Lastly, this is all about politics and it's all about Donald Trump So let's talk about that

Does a war with Iran actually helped Donald Trump? We know that the assassination of Kaseem Solemani was a political ploy to distract from being an impeached president and to start creating a pretext to justify his own reelection There's a rule of thumb, there's a conventional wisdom that Wars are good for incumbent presidents It allows them to say, let's not change horses midstream It frames them as more presidential than their opponent because not only are they running for reelection, they're also managing a war So historically a military conflicts have actually been pretty good for the reelection of presidents

But will it work in this case? It's not clear to me that in this case it would help Trump, especially because there seems to be little support for attacking Iran So I want to hear from you about that as well Would a war with Iran actually help Donald Trump in terms of his reelection? Let me know I'm on Twitter at D Pacman Follow me there

Follow the show on Twitter at David Pakman show and we are going to continue talking about this, um, later on today's program and throughout the week as well I anticipate during live calls on the Friday show, Iran will continue to be a topic of much discussion Quick break back after this with much more

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