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– [Stephen] Guys, we gotta hurry The mystery neighbor could be coming any time

– Yeah, I'm not sure where she went but she's around here – Hey, Sharers So right now, the mystery neighbor is around our house right now, but she has her Tesla here and John came up with a great idea to hack into her Tesla So, how exactly are we gonna hack a Tesla? – Well, see, I haven't done this before but I've read online that you use a heater So, setting number one, that's cool

And then if you turn it to three, (clicking) (heater whirring) – Whoa! – That's hot So what we can do, we can heat this up You see how on the door handle there's like fingerprints? – [Stephen] Oh, yeah – So if we heat those up and then use tape, we can stick it on, they'll come right off And then right here, this is a touch pad sensor, we put the tape on with her fingerprint and we can access the car

– Okay, well let's try it because we don't have much time I don't know where this mystery neighbor is She's literally going around the house right now trying all the doors to get in So we gotta hurry, we gotta close that garage door, and then we got to hack this Tesla and take off – Ready, setting number three, hottest mode

– [Stephen] Okay, heat it up (heater whirring) Come on John, heat it – I see it working – [Stephen] Oh, yeah I can see it

(dramatic music) How much longer? – All right, I'm not going to touch there but just a little more – Is it hot? A little more? (heater whirring) Come on, let's do this Hurry John, she could be coming – Okay, I think we're good Yeah, that's pretty hot

All right, let's use the tape We don't even need to cut it, ready? – [Stephen] Yeah! Oh, it worked! – Do you see that? – Perfect – [Stephen] Hold on, let me see Yeah, you can see it – Perfect! – [Stephen] Rub it on the touch panel right there

Come on, come on – Oh hurry, it feels like she's gonna come back to her car anytime soon – [Stephen] Is it working? – We just gotta pull this off and then we'll know (car beeping) (gasping) – [Stephen] Yes! We're in, we're in! – Where's the tablet thing? – Okay, quick Start driving this thing

Let's go for a cruise – Here, is this what you need next? – No, I don't need that anymore – Oh, are there even any screws on a Tesla? Probably not – Look there's all sorts of stuff in here – Whoa! – Come on! Hot pink sunglasses

– Wait We can get some clues Quick, let's hop in, let's hop in Wait, hold on, I think she's coming Hold on, we need a distraction

We need a distraction Whoa, what is all this stuff? There's a lot of stuff in here – What's in there? – Wait, take a look at all of this stuff – I think she left it there – (gasps) Grace! – What? – The gift wrap! – (gasps) My package! – [Stephen] The package was in here

– [Grace] And now where is it? It's the gold gift wrap that was on the package – What is this? – What is that? – What is that? – I don't know What is this stuff? – Is it a snack? – [John] Maybe its food Like freeze-dried food? Like what the astronauts eat – I don't know what this is

This is definitely some high quality spy gadget thing – [John] Wait, that looks like a fog machine – [Grace] Fog machine? – [John] Yeah, like a mini fog machine – Oh yeah, its a mini fogger – So Stephen, I have a perfect idea

Just like throw it right there, and then we are gonna take off in the Tesla and she won't even know, because it'll block the house – Like a distraction, okay, should we do this? – [John] Yeah, try it – Here we go, stand back everyone – Should we get in the car? – What do I do? – [John] I don't know just pull the pin, hold it – Here we go, I pulled it

– [John] The pin's pulled, come on (fogger blasts) (gasping) – There it goes! What is it doing!? – [John] That's so cool All right, let's hop in the car Come on, we don't have much time – [Stephen] We'll hop in this trunk

Come on guys, come on, hop in – [Grace] There is so much stuff in the car It's coming this way! It's coming this way! – There's so much (laughing) – Hop in – Come on, let's go Here we go – Hop in! Everyone buckle up, there it goes Huge, huge fog machine right there! Oh my goodness

Yes, this is awesome! She's never gonna see that we took off Careful, watch out for cars Watch out for cars – Are we good? – Yeah, we're good Oh my goodness, look at the house

She's never gonna see that we're gone She's gonna see a bunch of white fog – This is perfect? Are you ready? Let's take off – You ready? Three, two, one, go! Go for it, John! Whoa! The Tesla is so fast! Whoa, whoa! – Wait, oh my goodness, wait a second There's so many cool gadgets in here, dude

– There's so many cool gadgets on this Tesla Hold on! Wait, we can go into her most recent searches and see where she's been Look at this Wait, Fonthill Castle? – Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where is it going? Where is it going? – Oh, it's on autopilot The Tesla is taking us there right now! – Stephen, what do we do? – The Tesla is taking us to– – Where is it going? – Okay, Sharers, we are on our way to Fonthill Castle? – I guess? – [Stephen] Okay, just let the autopilot take over

– [Grace] Is it weird that it's driving itself? – Okay I guess we are going on a road trip, so get ready This is gonna be very interesting, Sharers If you haven't already, hit that subscribe button because we're about to go on a– – Two thumbs up! – Two thumbs up This is gonna be a very interesting Tesla road trip

We have three hours and 39 minutes until we get there What's gonna be there, I have no idea, but, let's get comfortable – Yeah, we're gonna be driving for a while (upbeat music) – So Sharers, we only have 13% battery left Check it out, 13% battery, and we're still about two hours away from our destination

So we've gotta recharge, so we can get there in time And there's a ton of traffic right now Also check it, I'm wearing the mystery neighbor's sunglasses Oh, these are so funny – Oh there's not much spots left guys

– Here we go – There's only one supercharger spot left Next to all these other Teslas Let's back in, let's plug in, and let's charge up (car beeping) Okay John, plug it in

We gotta get this Tesla charging – Okay, so I grab this – [Stephen] Have you ever done this before? – No! – [Stephen] Me neither

It doesn't reach? Are you serious? Wait, pull it a little farther – No! (chuckling) – Uh oh! All right, you gotta back it up a little more I guess this is what happens when you hack the mystery neighbor's Tesla, you don't really know how to use it You gotta bring it back a little farther, John Here, I'll grab this, so we know exactly where to go

(car beeping) Keep going Keep going all the way, we need way more room Keep going, and that's good – Oh, perfect – There we go, and – [Grace] Okay! Now what? – We're charging

John, I think we're good Is it working? – Yep, starting to charge Perfect 13%, time remaining – [Both Guys] Two hours and 50 minutes? – We're never gonna make it there, if it's gonna be charging that long

– Uh oh, Stephen – What? – You wanna know why? – Why? – It's because, these might be split across multiple different cars, so it might take forever – John, you are so right Also, Sharers, check this out We were, you wanna show the Sharers what we found inside the car? There's a lot of stuff

Here, show them the center console, this is so weird Press that open We've been finding a lot of stuff– – Look at that! – A wig! – Why is there, dude, it's like actual hair – [Stephen] It's a wig, that's so weird – Yeah, it's like a real wig

Why is that there? – [Stephen] Oh my goodness! It's a listening device – Do you remember? – [Stephen] Listening device and the red AirPods – The red AirPods and then the listening device, and they were in here – [Stephen] Didn't we already steal some of her listening devices? – [John] Yeah, that's what I thought too, maybe this is another one How many can she have? – And, that's not all, Sharers

Come back here, take a look at the trunk There's more stuff in it Look at this, a metal detector – Whoa! – That's weird – I don't know what that has to do

All these like, tools and stuff – Whoa! – Whoa! – [John] That's a huge hammer – I have no idea what it has to do with anything Those are some of the gadgets we found so far in this Tesla Who knows what else is in here

There's a bunch of hidden compartments in the Tesla But while this thing's charging, let's go get some snacks and then we're gonna get back on the road because we gotta make it to this, what is it again, Foothill? – Fonthill? – Fonthill? – I don't know, I've never– – It's some castle, I have no idea But lets go grab a snack real quick, I'm starving So Sharers, check this out These are the snacks we're gonna get for the road

I'm gonna do A3, banana split This is the coolest ice cream, look at this thing go The cooler flips up, and then this thing goes, and it goes like this and it pulls it up Ready? And– – It's like magnetic – [Stephen] Go get my ice cream

Uh oh! – Oh! – [Stephen] There it goes Come on! – [John] Wait, the whole machine is moving – [Grace] I hope it doesn't drop – [Stephen] Keep coming – It's like a claw machine

– It's like a claw machine at a arcade, and then it just drops There we go, and – Did it work? – Voila! And check this out

It's ice cream of the future And it tastes like banana split This is really good What flavor are you gonna get, Grace? – Ooh, let me see B3 for banana split

Bingo! Ice cream banana split John, what are you getting? – I'm gonna get rainbow ice Rainbow ice! Check that out! – Oh! – It's like Lucky Charms – [Stephen] That's the coolest colors – Wait, look how big that, that looks like a face

Do you see that one? – [Stephen] That one's huge! Is it good? – Ooh, it tastes really good! – [Stephen] What's it taste like? – Rainbow? – Got our snacks Let's head back to the Tesla Let's hope it's charged We gotta get to this castle before the sunlight dies out Woo! And we are off and I am driving now

Well, not driving 'cause the autopilot's on But lets get there We still have two hours left, we have a full charge So, let's get goin'! – And now, I am in the passenger seat so that means I can look around Ooh, wait! – What'd you find? – Check, wait, what is this? – [Stephen] What is that? – What is this thing? Wait Grace, do you know what this is? – Let me see

– Hold on, we just found another secret compartment in the Tesla – [John] Yeah, I didn't even know that this, and look, it goes really deep – Guys, it's not even locked There's no key – Oh, is there anything in it? No, it looks empty

Wait! – Oh! – What's in it? – There's money! – Money! – How much? – There's like $10000 – Wait, what? – No there's, wait! – One, it's only $1 – We got $100 – That's weird – I bet that's important

That's so weird – It's not even locked Who doesn't lock up their money? – Wait, guys! – It probably wasn't meant to be found – Wait, John look! Up here! – Whoa! – Look at this! There is internet on this thing and its loading, look! – [John] Yeah, you're right – It doesn't really look like a real website

What is that? – [John] Yeah, I don't know It looks really weird, don't you think? – [Stephen] I don't know Wait, maybe we're meeting this person at that castle or something – That's so weird – Could we be meeting the Game Master person at the castle? – [John] No, I couldn't imagine

– Hey guys, I found some more stuff – [John] Ah, that's kinda weird – It's like, construction worker stuff – [Stephen] Okay, you know what, I'm gonna put this autopilot on 90 miles an hour let's get there quicker, so we can figure out exactly what's going down at this castle

Something is really weird (dramatic music) There's the castle! That's the castle! – Whoa! – Whoa! – That thing is huge, how do we get in? – [Grace] That's huge – [Stephen] That thing is so big Wait, where is the entrance? Hold on, this is the entrance Wait, it's blocked off

– [Grace] There's a sign – [Stephen] Parking? – Swamp road? We don't want swamp road – What do we do? – I don't know We are gonna have to find parking somewhere else Go up here, turn left

We'll make it in the back entrance This place is huge Hard left, hard left Whoa! That was a hard left Okay! Get ready! We gotta get into this castle, we got to figure out what we're supposed to be doing here

Okay, now what? There's a lot of cars here I think it's just straight back, we gotta get to the castle Wait, there's another castle over there too – [John] Ah that's kind of cool Which one do we wanna go to? – Wait, I don't know

We gotta figure out what we're supposed to do here Like I have no idea what we are supposed to be doing here This place is super old, look at this thing – [John] I guess we'll park here and then figure out what we're supposed to do – I don't know what we're supposed to do here

There must be some sort of evidence or clues in this car – [Assistant] Check the iPad – [Stephen] Let's see, let's pull pull up, how did we pull up the internet before? The web, here we go Let's see, there must be something on the search history Guys, I don't know

All I see is this mask We might not be at the right part of the castle – Oh uh, guys! – Well, hold on – [Grace] There is someone over there! – [John] Wait, they're wearing camouflage They are blending into the buildings here

– [Grace] They're undercover – [Stephen] That could be our person! That could be our person! Okay, I say we hop out and follow them They went inside that building Let's hop out, Sharers I think we found the right person

Now the question is, what do they have that we need? We're gonna have a meeting with this person, we're gonna figure out exactly what is going on here, and why we came all the way to Pennsylvania

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