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in today's video we try and open up a safe that we found let's see if we can break into the same today I've got all of you guys we're trying to break today we're trying to break today because of you guys your last video we actually uncovered a safe Wow metal detector in the woods which doesn't happen very often never happened to me before Logan's that ever happen to you it's happened to me once the other day well la-dee-da Logan good for you but guys we found the safe after receiving a letter in the mail from an organization called Project zero and we have no idea who they are or why they want us to join them we think you might have something to do with the rake siren head and Bigfoot but we just don't know a lot of you guys have been commenting all these crazy ideas as to what they could be so I don't care how long it takes how many hours we have to stay out here but we are not leaving until we get inside this safe yeah I think this will be pretty easy a couple more smacks and that thing's opening we are gonna get inside this one way or another I know safes ok deep literally look it's already already cracking listen I'm mr safe okay I'm coming I'm gonna break into you so you either open up right now or I am going to use the sledgehammer on you oh you're gonna talk like that he's back talking uh slow get another hammer doesn't work which by the way guys do not try anything try that I'm gonna do anything but everything else in this video do not try at home because we have some crazy ways we're gonna try breaking into this bad boy and I got I got an idea here ready ready there's definitely something in there and his name is John Co bro I think you broke the ground broke the ground you even break the safe you put a dent in it I thought that was like you know football I need to go higher we need to get an airplane high pass it back catch the safe Oh Oh do not throw it not anywhere you don't throw the crap know what I think we're gonna need to call out the big guns but what kind of big guns are you talking about Phil Jake what's Phil gonna do what's in Phil's hand no why do you have a flamethrower you get into a safe Phil bill should not have that Logan I don't know what's going on you mean that's how you cook your hamburgers Phil Oh Phil it's gonna burn our house down again with the safe all right Logan I'm gonna try and burn through the key wall yeah that is not all okay all right there goes any that can't be good I think it's working Logan I don't think it's where I think it's working we're burning crew we're going through it right oh it just smells like burnt plastic now okay I probably weakened it though you know maybe we should put this thing out literally on fire so what are you doing No so you're not gonna want know you're not gonna want those no those marshmallows will not be safe to eat keep it a little way from the fire one make sure that's crispy just turn him black you know L don't eat that no well you know maybe maybe it will break open the safe maybe there will be a hole damage oh no it's still just a metal door behind the keypad behind the door here there's actually another metal layer so we're basically just burning the plastic I mean maybe it's a little bit more well we've definitely ruined that we the only thing that we didn't try any combinations it's safe to say that now we cannot try any combination yeah we can't try any combination actually have an idea guys see I've seen a lot of videos on breaking open safes and you can go the fire route but some people also go the liquid-nitrogen route I've seen people who can spray the lock with liquid nitrogen and then open a safe Jake what are you doing so in my hand Logan I've got two air Castor's which uses properly are just here it felt like so I've got what it calls marshmallows here and we are gonna freeze it and break it apart let me know in the comments if you think this is gonna work and by the way we are getting pretty close to opening that safe if you haven't already so make that like button let's try and crush 25,000 likes on this video because every like is an extra stuff on that safe if we get enough we might you feel good so turn these upside down shake Oh all right guys and now we turn a perfectly sweet marshmallow into a hard marshmallow three two what oh dude he just shatters Jake I think the marshmallows had enough let's go try it on the same we could freeze that hit it with the sledgehammer and it might open even all my fingers not sure how much we're going to do here doesn't look like it's starting to freeze yeah it's definitely freezing oh yeah that's crazy the handle then I got the plastic off and it's got like electric like lights here which is kind of interesting and the back of this actually had like a computer chip arguably there's probably some secret message or something in that code that we were supposed to use to open this normally but we just went straight to it's too safe we got it we just gotta bulldoze it open but as of right now the safe is winning I have like a dozen ideas to break the safe haven't you been using them Logan let's see them what are they to you show you guys you're going in so why are you bringing the safe inside look the Logan is bringing safe up oh I know what you're doing Logan throwing the safe is not gonna do anything this is okay we're all old you're gonna throw it up here I've had enough of this a Phil you might want to move but he's about to throw a massive safe down there do not drop it in the hot tub throw it over there the perfect square imprint of it though uh-oh I hear a rock throwing it off the balcony didn't really work I have another idea but it kind of goes back to fire we got our sparklers lots of them and I think if we like these guys this might actually burn through the front of the safe here so I'm gonna put them all through here we'll light them all at once in the matter of a couple of seconds we'll be inside this safe so now we have a hundred sparklers all lined up on the weakest part of the safe the entrance we are gonna light it on fire and hopefully this will be enough to like melt the metal this does not look safe I mean this is a safe it doesn't look safe everything is safe when you're doing it on a safe okay that's a fact now here we'll put those marshmallow on it for good luck we got the plane Thor wait wait we need a fire extinguisher that's okay here we go guys 100 sparklers versus the safe here we go we'll definitely cook the marshmallow but that's for sure I can't see that just exploded and now I like one side yeah almost melted through the top part well Seif is on fire G Oh actually is this on fire again okay that's a good sign I think now if we hit it well don't drink the hose water definitely didn't like burn the metal I get thought it might I think I know what's gonna get we have our motorbike here and we have to save safely attached secure it now safety is our number-one priority that's why we tied the safe with duct tape and rope please but go make sure there's no one coming from that way so he's gonna driving safe behind the dirt but let's see if it does anything I don't know still not open no scratch did we put fire on this you're off a balcony but the first thing to actually scratch something up I didn't get to scratch the paint I mean yeah but technically nothing else has done that yet even the sledgehammer guys I think we can did enough I'm gonna try going at it again with the sledgehammer see if I can maybe get through the top because if I notice here it kind of bent in a little bit so maybe you just hit it a couple times and get through it that's a rate it's not gonna do anything you don't whatever are you sure you want to see I'm very much once he was mad he just spent all day getting all day trying to get if there's a Cobra I want to see you

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