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Breaking into a GIANT Masquerade Ball in Disguise at HACKER MANSION! (24 Hours Trapped Overnight)


– They took my real husband, Matt, and replaced him with M2 – You're obviously fired

– Really need your guys' help, not only to break into this giant masquerade ball, but to get Mr X's identity box back, and find my real husband, Matt – Set him down over here – [Both Agents] Turn, turn, turn, turn – [Agent] Nice

Hey – Okay, M2, you're just staying here – Matt, this is M2 He's a better version of you – A better version of you

– Yeah Okay, so you stay right here – Look, he's sitting on the karaoke machine – That's gonna be amazing Wait, are you warmed up? – I mean, I'm a little warmed– do you wanna warm up a little bit? – Yeah! – You wanna do like some scales and– – Oh, that's– Do you do scales? – Does M2 do scales? – Yes! – Hands down

M2 has so better voice than you have Okay, so we'll probably get him back upstairs Really, we were just teasing Matt We're really just teasing you All right, gotta get him back upstairs for the presentation

Give me the key – Huh? – Give me his key You already lost I don't trust you Pass it over

Perfect All right, come on, grab him Let me get that Come on – Did you guys see that? Looks like they dropped a key

Yep, yep, yep All right guys Welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca channel It looks like I've been trapped down here for I don't know how long I have no idea why they've been keeping me here, but it makes a lot more sense now

M2 is in play I thought it was MI2, Mirror Initiative 2, but it's actually M2, which is Matt 2 That was my clone He can't sing as good as I can I need to figure out a way to get out of here, but– Kinda think I need to stop this initiative

The agents have been talking non-stop about a masquerade ball I need to go in there and crash it Give me a thumbs up right now Turn on notifications Make sure you're a subscriber

Oh, oh, somebody's coming, somebody's coming Still here Can I get some water? I need some water – I have not had any water! I just need a little bit of water, if you can just give me a little bit of water – Hold on

– Okay – I just took out a Quadrant member with a battle royale Did you guys see that? He thought I had my handcuffs on I can't really see anything right now, 'cause I don't have my glasses I think I'm gonna get into his outfit

Be a quadrant during this masquerade ball That way I can stop everything I really hope that they didn't get to Rebecca or Daniel, especially Rebecca, my wife I hope she's safe Hi guys

I put the Quadrant back over here Looks like we should be in a safe spot I'm gonna go sneak into this masquerade ball Looks pretty good What is going on? – [Rebecca] When does this masquerade ball start? – What? – [Man] I recently just had a big hack

You know, I deleted 150 million – [Matt] Is there any water in here? – Sir – [Matt] Is there any water in here? – There's no water – [Matt] No– what? There's no water Hey, what's that over there? What is that? Okay, I'm just gonna this Hi guys I'll just couch down

This might be Mr X's place! Whoa, look at this It's a bunch of, just servers? What is that? Who was that? – [Man] Welcome to the giant masquerade ball I've invited you all here to present to you one of my top creations, the Mirror Initiative I will be putting all of my top agents against each other in a series of challenges

Each round is agent-oriented I've placed you all on lockdown – Lockdown? Did he say lockdown? – [Man] We have a traitor among us There is no longer a way in or out of this house I planted something very valuable in one of these rooms and it is missing The first test of the night, empty your pockets and purses

– [Man] Hello Quadrant – [Matt] Hello Whoa, it's open Whoa! What is this? I can't see hardly anything that's goin' on right now, so let me know what is going on I've been trapped in this place for way too long I need to get out of here, and figure out what's going on with my wife

I have a weird feeling though I don't know if it's the twin telepathy, but I feel like she's really close I just can't see anything without my glasses Okay It looks like they're having dinner right now

I don't know who that is, but why would they be havin' like a dinner? It's a lot of people It kind of reminds me of Clue in real life Do you guys remember that? Comment down below I need to go check over here one more time Hi, okay? Am I serving this? I gotta serve this

Okay, okay – [Man] Yes, those are flowers This side of the room, please – [Alice] Are you okay? – [Man] Yeah, can we fire him? – [Alice] That seems a little extreme I mean I trip all the time

– [Man] Okay, you're obviously fired – [Alice] You guys, you guys – [Matt] It's still locked Okay Maybe now I can get out through the roof again

Maybe it's in here? Maybe the door– oh! Okay, oh, this is open now Look at– Scared of heights Okay, there the path, it definitely goes up here, and goes right up there Can't see around there Guys, comment down below if you can see where it goes

I need to get out of here Someone's coming Someone's coming – [Man] The box, the box! – What is that? I've got an idea It might be Daniel

I saw Alice I saw Alice for sure – [Crowd] One, three, three seven – [Man] Try it! Try it! Try it! – [Man] Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! – Oh yeah, it sounds like they're in the other room What is goin' on in there? Okay, okay, oh, no

What? What are you doin'? Can I go by? Thank you What was that!? Oh no, oh no, oh no What? What? – Okay, okay – [Man] Do you think we're still locked in? Can we open it? – [Rebecca] No, I don't know – Should I follow them right now? Comment down below if you think this is a good idea

Secret passageway? – [Man] Alice, are you good? – Someone's singing ♪ I've been feeling so alone ♪ ♪ I'll give you the code ♪ ♪ So nobody laughs alone ♪ ♪ Together we can be ♪ – Tones are good! – It sounds so bad ♪ Together we're fishing in the water ♪ ♪ We will make everything clear ♪ ♪ I've got a heart stone behind the porcelain throne ♪ ♪ And take you on with ♪ – What is– That's the weirdest song ever ♪ Hot tub, hot tub ♪ – [Man] Hot tub, that's a good– ♪ Take you with the darkest colorful lights ♪ ♪ Find the key to my heart, I'll be waiting inside ♪ ♪ Just knock, knock, knockin' two more times ♪ ♪ I'm yours ♪ ♪ I'll be waiting for you downstairs ♪ – Someone's coming, someone's coming What? So crazy! Oh no, oh no, no, no, no, no, no

Alice? – Yes, look – [Matt] Thank you How'd you know it was me? – Figured out RZ's note in the song I just listened to the clues, and I followed you here – [Matt] Okay, thank you so much

– Of course – [Matt] Lights are off What do we do? Okay, it's dark outside – [Rebecca] No, agent, agent! What are you doing? Hey get out! Where'll we go? – [Woman] Ah, come on Come back here

– Okay, so we have the box Now we just need to solve the clues in the song so we can find Matt, my husband I remember this He played this I thought this was a prank

Now it makes sense So it was, there was the fish tank, and then meet me at the hot tub, hot tub! – Yeah – Okay, so let's go to the hot tub Maybe there's a clue there, okay? – [Daniel] Okay okay, great He's wakin' up

C'mon, let's get outta here – Hot tub – [Daniel] Oh, hot tub – ZamFam, look at this hot tub Okay, so clue

If RZ twin left clues, let me just use my twin telepathy, and it's here There's a clue here It's somewhere on maybe the left side – [Daniel] Left side? – [Rebecca] I don't know I don't know

Just try Is there anything? RZ twin wouldn't have done this without a purpose, so there has to be a clue here – [Daniel] See anything? – I found the hot tub – [Daniel] Yeah, I see What are we looking for? – [Alice] Oh wait, that's the hot tub

This is the hot tub? – Oh no, agents – [Daniel] Agents, agents, agents, okay – They're spying to try to find us Okay, this might turn into hide and seek, so just Hot tub Look! Hot tub, heart, "key to my heart" There's a number on it The next clue's in the song

We got it We have the first number, what about the others? What was it? What was the song? – There was a stone behind a porcelain chair? – [Daniel] Porcelain chair? – A porcelain throne! ZamFam, that's like a toilet So, we just need to find a toilet, and maybe there's another clue There was another entrance over here – [Alice] Look! – [Rebecca] I hear agents

– [Alice] Porcelain throne? Ew! – [Daniel] It looks clean – Oh! Eight, two, one So let's put these together Okay, what was the other clue? – The only other thing he mentioned was the fish tank, but I mean, that's where I had to go and meet him You don't think that's another–? – [Daniel] What if that was a clue? – Another one of these? Did you find anything there? – I didn't look

We should go look – Okay, well the agents are out there, so we're going to have to be very quiet You guys, comment below if you think the last and final clue is at the fish tank Those are the agents' masks, the biggest reveal – [Daniel] What? – That means they might not have their– – [Daniel] Listen, listen, listen

– I know that sound They're being yelled at – [Daniel] Oh – Nobody's here Nobody's here

Agents aren't down here Okay, fish tank Alice! – Oh, wow – Look! – There it is – [Rebecca] Four, five

– [Daniel] Four, five – [Rebecca] Five, four Four, five, five, four? What was the next part of the song? I forget it ZamFam, do you guys remember this song? It was like "I'll take you to the" – "I'll take you down "I'll take you down" How do you get down? – [Rebecca and Matt] Stairs? – So maybe there's a clue on the stairs – No, we have an elevator

There's a keypad in the elevator – Do you guys think that if we put the numbers in the order of the song, that we'll be able to find something in the elevator? – I mean, we have to give it a try – Okay, let's do it Alice, you're right There is a keypad

Four, five, five, four, seven, one, four, eight, two, one The last and final one, seven, one, ZamFam, smash your thumbs up if you think this is going to work Four – [Alice] Whoa – [Daniel] Where'd that come from? – I don't know Guys, it's a key

– [Alice] We're moving – [Rebecca] We're going down Do you think this is gonna take us to Matt? My real husband Matt, not M2 – [Alice] Whoa, we're here – [Daniel] This is where we started

– Okay, well where is Matt? – [Alice] Where's the key? Got it – Alice! Maybe she really is my best friend – I never wasn't your best friend – Matt? It doesn't make sense We followed the clues

Matt? – There's a tripod stand – [Daniel] It's like they were filming in here or something, right? – Yeah, there's a light Look, karaoke machine They use that They use that for the karaoke night

– He was here – You think they had Matt handcuffed here? – [Daniel] Makes sense, right? Who knows how long he's been here? Let's think about this He got out, and you already met him, probably after he escaped, right? – Yeah – But you were talking to a Quadrant, and you knocked down a quadrant Wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on

Take the camera real quick Hold on, let me bring up the camera – [Rebecca] Wait – Hold on – [Rebecca] Oh no, Daniel

– [Daniel] Yeah I think you knocked out Matt – The real Matt? – Your real husband, Matt – [Rebecca] So he was disguised as a Quadrant? – The whole time That's how he was like, hidden around here

Maybe he's been roamin' around the whole time – So do you think he's still up there? – We gotta go check – Come on – Matt Matt, is it really you? Matt

– Yeah – Are you sure? – Please reveal – I have to check if he has a bar code, 'cause then we'll know if it's really Matt – [Daniel] Oh, good idea – [Rebecca] Matt? Here, here, sit up

He's got his glasses Here, sit up – [Daniel] Oh, Rebecca look, he's got his glasses – Is this the real you? Hold on Hey Daniel, come here

– [Matt] Guys, what are you doin' We gotta go – [Rebecca] We just gotta check something – [Matt] What are you guys doin'? – [Daniel] There's nothing – It's the real Matt! – Of course it's me – Matt, how long have you been gone? It feels like it's been a long time

How long? – I don't know, I was with M2 and I had no idea – What? – [Daniel] Yeah, your clone – No – They replaced you – I thought I saw somebody singin'

He was terrible, though! – Hold on, hold on Matt, are you cold right now? – I'm not cold I'm so hot – Okay, good – It's so hot right now

– Oh, that makes sense! – Why am I in sweats? – And Alice, she's working with us now, Matt She gave you the glasses – Well, what are we gonna do? – We gotta get out of here – But we need to escape There's GMI agents, but you can make it out – We'll just run

– Matt, we have Mr X's identity box – Okay, I tried to get out earlier, but I think it was on lockdown, so – Matt, the Game Master and Mr X are brothers – Are you sure? – I'm positive, but we can't let Game Master know, because we weren't supposed to open the box – Why not? We should confront him – [Daniel] He told us not to open it

– I know, just where's the box? Here it is – It's right there, okay – Okay Alice, what's the best way to escape? – I've been planning this the whole time I've been tryin' to escape I didn't realize you guys were here

Okay, we can all escape together We just need to get outside You said we can get outside? – Yeah, we saw the hot tub That's where we got the clue – Lead the way, lead the way

Sneak, hide, stay quiet Daniel, what if D2's here too? – [Daniel] Oh, right – It's not an empty wall That's just what they want you to think – [Rebecca] Oh! – Secret passage

– Secret passageway – [Matt] See, I told you – We're not in the right outfits for this How do we get out of here? We have no car – [Matt] Here we go, here we go

Come on guys, come on, come on – [Rebecca] Okay, okay – Game Master, we have the box – Uhh

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