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Breaking Into A Car To Save My Dog // VLOG


Something really awful and scary and traumatic happened when I was taking my dog to get neutered Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if it's your first time here My name is Christy Sita and I post videos every single Friday today is an unexpected video I did not know this was gonna be a video I thought it was just filming clips But um something really awful and scary and traumatic happened when I was taking my dog to get neutered So I need to take you on that adventure today

We're gonna go get my dog neutered and We're just gonna roll the clips and you're gonna see it unfold Okay, so I was just about to like I put my dog in the car and you go and somehow the door locked And my dog is stuck in the car And I have no keys to the car and the keys are locked in the car Like oh my god, sorry Toto I don't know what to do there No, my dad's kind of breaking It won't press in a lock, okay My dad is a hero he stuck the pole He stuck the pull down the window, press the unlock button that's right there and Preston We're gonna get your balls chopped now, okay Thank you That beautiful chief my gosh, I love sheep so much There's beautiful sheep playing on the driveway Okay, so the vet just called

They said that Toto did really really good We're gonna go pick him up now They said he's all good He's alert He's looking at everybody He's always been a good boy and are gonna go get him pick him up and see how he is proud of my boy You just got back Okay, so we're home Look in the boy Oh You so drowsy

But so instead of wearing the cone all the time You can put what was supposed to be a surgical suit But we couldn't find anything so mum just got baby onesie with the zipper top here Look go cute So we're gonna try and put that on toto just so then he can't Because you don't want him to be able to eat the stitches or eat the wound So we're gonna try this We call mum palma she's not ready to be a grandma just use a palmer Just baby onesies too funny I know Yeah, okay So I am on my way to the ferry Toto is so drowsy But he's sleeping on this he decide the hardest song I didn't want him to get cozy and my mom's place I got is neutering down on Central Coast So I'm actually taking the ferry back home so we can get home and you can get settled We can start recovering Okay, so we made it Okay, and now when I'm filming this it is a Big stretch he just woke up It is now six days after todos neutering he is still So freaking sleepy like the first three days, he literally did not move Besides going out for a walk if you're wondering like I think I explained to you in the beginning of this video But this onesie is a baby onesie and we got it so that toto can't lick his Scars down by his wiener and when he's in there he also got his teeth whitened like his teeth clean because he had to be under for that and then as well as got his Identity chip inserted because I didn't do that when he was younger

So he's starting to feel a little bit better He's starting to get a little bit more energy But it is quite the adventure like it knocked This kid out completely like completely for days This is almost almost a week now So my little boy I'm proud of him He goes balls chopped He got and He's officially lost his manhood and can officially go to daycare

Oh my gosh, he's so cute Look at him I Get an unexpected video for today But I thought it worked out and it's kind of fun to take you guys along when stuff like that happens So I hope you enjoyed today's victor No stop it I hope you guys enjoyed today's video Make sure you comment down below and subscribe if you're new here

I will see you guys in my next on Friday Love you, make sure you follow me on Instagram and tick tock on Twitter I'm active on those every single day Love you guys

Source: Youtube

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