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Breaking Innovation V – Vom Glauben abfallen – LinkedIn Micro-Series


how come steve jobs said when he introduced the iphone to the world nobody wants to hold a pen when he can use his finger and less than ten years later, tim cook presents his successor as the apple pencil new innovation in front of a donor for around 100 dollars the answer the two men have different views of the world and above all about the future you could say apple is by faith dropped off and why that becomes the breaking point for innovation this micro series breaking innovation my name is thorsten reiter and me I'm glad you found your way to the fifth video of this series if you don't want to miss any more videos then just click on mine follow button or check out my youtube channel where i see all the previous ones have rejected videos for you in this video would like to go into what believe has to do with innovation and why a falling away from this to breaking point for innovation but first I want to explain what I do with believe exactly mean when i believe in the context of innovation then I speak of the so-called interpretation regime that prevails within a company is strategic filters through the overall perception of the company in relation to the external environment falls in short it is the subjective attitude of the company as a collective towards the world of the future but above all also towards innovation when it comes to perception as part of The ability of a company to innovate then plays this subjectivity a particularly important role for the organization of all ideas principles and values ​​define what the company sees as an opportunity and a danger this assessment cannot be perceived when it comes to innovation simply put them in objective calculation sizes but in a later one video more if the perception of a external incidents and technological issues are operating correctly Changes interpreted correctly but also the ability to act competitors customers and suppliers can be correctly predicted in the future part of the subjective strategic filter this Strategic filter is mainly through top management and not rarely shaped by the ceo itself it can happen that the current CEO is forced out of office or retires in another way So there may be shifts in power within the company happen that now new people come to power or a new ceo the office does not assume the same belief in the world and in the future as it has predecessor that is, he does not have the same strategic filter and thus introduces it new interpretation regime in the company let's take the example of steve jobs and apple steve jobs has He often does not believe that today's customer needs development of technology should dictate he says nobody had that back then had a need for iphone so he didn't want to focus on what the customer wants today but has tried to interpret and to anticipate what he might want in the future so he has the iphone invented and thus changed how we work order or eat enjoy entertainment all my videos are for example on iphone recorded edited and published and steve jobs did not fit into one magical glass ball looked he has very subtle clues in the external perceived by apple here and there he perceived how is people focused on their mobile phones he saw that a lot of time is spent en route and he has seen that more and more content made by consumers for consumers and much more he has connected all this with his belief in how the world works or how the world has to work and tim cook sees the world differently than that jobs we will see how this will work for apple in the future the last incremental developments of the existing one product range show a blatant deviation from the ruthless and uncompromising disruptive path on which steve jobs was at that time in terms of innovation and, above all, perception making an important difference is about missing a chance or is it a misjudged danger in case of missed opportunities or an innovation that does not leave the customer saddle is that not a big drama as long as the introduced is a useful addition to the market and not a complete disaster is again the example of apple pencil the company does not have the product chased by the market it was a huge innovation everyone has to do for himself but decide if the change in the interpretation regime then leads the company to no longer perceive hazards as such the ability to innovate a huge problem a real breaking point how do you see that the apple already has its innovative ability playful and if so why or do you think the company will continue to innovate in the future, write me the comments and leave discuss us if you liked the video then click on the follow button in my linkedin profile and look at mine youtube channel over there you will find all previous videos filed for you the next video is about another breaking point when companies don't listen to their bellies

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