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Breaking Innovation IX – Studieren anstatt zu investieren – LinkedIn Micro-Series


we are now at the second important element of a functioning ability to innovate has reached identified opportunities But here too, companies can destroy their own ability to innovate by falling into harmful behavior patterns because of their perception is still intact, you did manage a chance fail to identify but to seize them in this video we deal with breaking point students instead to invest and what exactly is hidden here in the micro series breaking innovation my name is thorsten reiter and i'm happy me that you have banned your way to the eighth video of this series for everyone previous videos just click the follow button in my linkedin profile or have a look on my youtube channel where I have all the previous videos for deposited you when companies identified an opportunity in the market there are two important points to the resources you mobilize and the time in which this happens because the mobilization of these resources is important to get new products or services out of identified opportunities to make whole business models but mostly there is an identified one chance not just an entrepreneurial way like the company we can take this as an example of a company That newspapers published found that digitization and personalization of your products now represents important opportunities in the market The company has several options like this You can seize your customers through monthly Offer subscriptions to all your content and maybe even to that content of a partner company such as a video provider you can also introduce a per-use structure and only the customer let the company pay for the articles that actually want to read So has several options for the identified opportunity for entrepreneurs successful innovation activities react has proven that the answer to the question of commercialization Dedicated chance is not an either or a both and is over A company must find a viable business solution in invest several at the same time to the greatest possible extent quickly test which specific approach is best for your customers this approach is popular in innovation research multiple competing investment paths because there are several are investment paths and they are, so to speak, competing with one another to look which prevails in the end but why don't companies try simply one option at a time would be no less risky and resource-saving if you make your investments over time would stretch but the time that is used for this is exactly that crux of the matter where successful take of less successful Intervention distinguishes industries in which patent protection does not exist it plays an important role, as in our magazine example enforce that first the correct answer to the question the commercialization of an identified opportunity finds that means that an organization must invest early and invest heavily and follow several investment phases, not all of which have a return such a consistent investment behavior will always throw off less likely if the decision makers in companies are under stand pressure that can be financial pressure but also pressure that is triggered due to a general uncertainty about the economic development in the near future in the future, for example, in the Cuban Missile Crisis, these will be necessary bets focus less and less on companies Only a few trial sums and invest on a few options it probably still looks like a good idea try them one after the other but all this assumption and yours resulting behaviors lead to missed opportunities and destroy the innovation capacity of a company is too low investment sums too few competing investment paths and too long a time between these three real breaking points how do you see that in times of corona you dare big sums in the to put unpredictable project ideas in several at the same time time do you believe in go big or go home or do you think that's all absolute madness write me the comments and leave discuss us if you liked it then leave me a like, share it Post or just click on the follow button in my likedin profile or have a look on my youtube channel where I have all the previous videos for you have filed the next video is themed sharing is caring and not sharing is a real breaking point

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