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Breaking In Disguise Part 1


Oh, hello, have you seen the new AOC gaming monitor? The C27G1? Really? Not yet? 1080p, 144Hz? Anyw ays I'm here to steal it, let's go! AOC Number One oh my god I feel like a legit spy now Speaking of spies, have you heard of this new movie by Will Smith called Spies In Disguise? I'll show you Spies in disguise the new movie by Will Smith and Tom Holland

Here's a sneak peek Basically, the world is counting on sterling Will Smith to protect itself, but then his scientist sidekick Beckett Tom Holland accidentally turns him into a pigeon before he starts the mission Now it's up to Pigeon Sterling to save the world Catch it as it's out now on theaters nationwide Good yeah, well in this scenario, I'm will Smith I don't have a Tom Holland though Who are you? Who are YOU? What are you doing here? What are YOU doing here? Both: I'm gonna steal this monitor, how bout you?!

Source: Youtube

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