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Breaking Hollywood As A Disabled Make-Up Artist | SHAKE MY BEAUTY


I can’t walk, I have very minimal use of my right hand and that's life I travel now, it’s kind of cool to go out with a group of just chairs

If you think people stare at you with one chair, they definitely stare at you with a group of four, five We’re showing people that we’re social and that we can do anything that everybody else wants to do There’s so much more to me as a person Than just my disability Especially in my situation, just putting on a full face of make-up, you feel empowered in a way

Hi my name is Khloe and I am a YouTuber make -up artist Khloe: It’s so beautiful Hey what’s up guys? Hey what’s up guys? What’s up guys, it’s Khloe, welcome back to my channel here on the Hollywood Walk of Fame thats it for me guys, I love you guys so much, bye In college, I took make-up classes and going from there I thought it would be an amazing thing to start a YouTube channel

And kind of share my story with the world My disability affects the way that I wear make up because I have spastic cerebral palsy, and normally with that, there’s one side of the body that’s weaker than the other

So I can only do my make-up with one hand Spastic cerebral palsy is when the muscles in your body are just very tight, you can't make very quick movements When I was born, my arms were very tight to my body you couldn’t, stretch my limbs at all At the age of six months I started taking swimming lessons, I was in physical and occupational therapy two times a week And now with the interventions I’ve been taking it has helped

I’m really scared and I’m really nervous to do my friends make-up today because she’s the one who taught me So today my best friend Corinne she’s coming over and I’m doing her make up for the very first time We’ve known each other since we were in middle school, she was the first person that I met who was in a similar situation to mine even though she has a different disability than mine Corinne: Khloe is very outgoing, very sassy I think Khloe’s passion for make-up means a lot to her

She’s been doing these amazing intricate, like really detailed looks Khloe: Hi? Khloe: Got it? Corinne: Yes I got it

Corinne: Ready to beautify my face? Khloe: Kind of I'm nervous and I'm scared But we're good Corinne: We're going to do this, it's going to be fine Khloe: We’re using a conspiracy palette We are essentially goingto do a smoky eye

Khloe: It is I think I've found something that I’m really passionate about Apart from singing and acting And after we make her all pretty and doll her up and everything we’re going to LA and we’re hanging out with a few friends I love seeing our friends, like genuinely being in a group of just positive people like that, it just makes me super happy So I’m excited Corinne: Oh my goodness, I like the yellow in the corner Khloe: Yeah, Corinne: You know how I love my corners Khloe: Well you have yellow on your shirt

Corinne: Yeah I love that and the blues, I think they really complement each other the colors Corinne: It’s so great, I love the colors

Corinne: Yes I’m so ready to go out Khloe: I love Los Angeles, I grew up in the area, so I love it But, in the area that I live in accessibility is difficult In forms of public transportation

Being that I’m in a wheelchair, getting an accessible vehicle is very costly And it’s not always feasible to do So I rely on public transportation if I want to go out with my friends, if I want to go anywhere in the city And the buses only run about once an hour Being an individual in my mid-twenties, you want to go experience life

So overall, accessibility maybe I give it a six out of ten? Yeah Khloe: Okay fine maybe five, I was trying to be nice, but yeah

Khloe: Would you like to try and squeeze in first and then we’ll ? Corinne you’re the second Corinne: Okay All right

We’re going to actually do this What is this? Okay, it’s a Christmas miracle Khloe: It was actually pretty good Minus a few you know rude subway people but apart from that, it was … it was pretty smooth Hello? Hello? I love your hair

thank you so much thank you Khloe: And I want to try the hot chicken, it’s on the happy hour menu, its like half off Khloe: It’s kind of cool to go out with group of just chairs, because if you think people stare at you with one chair, they definitely stare at you with a group of four, five, we’re showing people that we’re social and that we’re outgoing and that we can do anything that everybody else wants to do I feel the biggest negativity and judgment that I face today is still the fact that people don’t believe that individuals either just with disabilities in general, or in a wheelchair can

do what they want to do and live out their dreams because of their limitations There’s so much more to me as a person than just my disability And it’s a bumpy road but you get there

You make it, I’m Khloe, whatever that is, I’m me

Source: Youtube

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