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Breaking Ground on the Judith and Thomas L. Beckmen YOLA Center at Inglewood


– As we were finishing up our centennial celebrations and really started looking at the next 100 years of the LA Phil, we really wanted to invest in the future of YOLA – We started YOLA back in 2008 with 40 students in South Central Los Angeles

And it's grown to 1,200 students in the past decade – This is a program for inspiration, for hope For access – We're at an age in our program where we feel that we can have a prominent, dedicated space just for YOLA One spot, that brings everybody together

We had a beautiful gift from Judith and Thomas Beckmen, which made it possible for us to even truly start thinking about a building like this – Every room in this building will be specifically curated for making music, and to develop and foster a sense of community – The fact that it's designed for what we do, is important We're aiming to open the building in Fall of 2020 Right now, obviously, it's a big construction site, but if you walk into the building, you can see what it's going to be

There will be a beautiful performance space, right in the middle, that you can actually see from the street, so you can look into the space and see the really positive activity that's happening There can be two orchestras actually rehearsing at the same time, which we've never had in any of our spaces That will really raise the level for the young people involved in YOLA – I've seen the impacts, first hand, that YOLA has had on the youth that were in the program, including myself It has just been really awesome to see this building become more and more of a reality

– We consider this the biggest acquisition for our community because this focuses on culture, youth, education, and inclusion – There's a lot of meaning to bringing YOLA into Inglewood There is a social impact program specifically for young people from right around where the YOLA Center is That's one of the things I'm really excited about – Inclusion is number one

Access to music, access to art, access to culture, access to beauty We are talking about something very important, not only for Los Angeles, if not a beautiful example for the world – For the students, and for the community, for their parents, for the city of Inglewood, having a space built specifically for YOLA students, it really shows that they care about all of us – When you give an instrument to a young person, you are giving a world of possibilities

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