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Breaking Ground for Preeminent Surgical Services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital


I'm John Gantner, President and CEO of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital I'm pleased to let you know that Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital has resumed normal operations and services following our COVID-19 pandemic response

This means that we can once again focus on the ongoing capital and facility needs of RWJ In that regard I am happy to report that we have just broken ground on our $150 million surgical services expansion and renovation project which is one of two essential components within the foundation's recently launched capital campaign The surgical services project combines a greatly expanded surgical footprint with the latest in surgical technology and innovation, including robotics, hybrid rooms, and digital technology Included in the surgical project is a new state-of-the-art sterile processing facility which increases our capacity to clean and sterilize surgical instruments, as well as additional pre and post operative space to improve patient flow These ancillary elements are critical to maintaining our high quality surgical outcomes

With centers of excellence in several surgical dependent specialties, including neuroscience cardiovascular care, cancer, and women's and children services This ambitious expansion and enhancement project will meet New Jersey's growing need for highly specialized surgical care for years to come I spent my career at Johnson & Johnson and have been advocate for healthcare for many, many years I've also had the privilege of being associated with the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital during that time and the various aspects of my healthcare career tied in to the hospital It is important that we continue to invest in the hospital

It's important that the hospital continues to be a beacon for all the other organizations and citizens of New Brunswick Medicine never stops growing, it's always changing and those changes have to come from the leader, and that leader is Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital This project touches every pillar within our academic health center's mission statement For example, the expanded facilities will improve patient access for everyone including our most vulnerable populations, and those extended clinical volumes and capabilities will increase the opportunity to conduct life-changing research The project also enhances our ability to offer the highest level of training and education to the next generation of medical professionals

And finally this project will enable us to attract and retain highly talented physicians and surgical support staff right here in New Jersey I would, of course, hope that all of you out there would be supportive and continue to be a part of this great institution As New Jersey's premier academic medical center Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital is committed to providing leading-edge technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to ensure optimal patient outcomes The surgical services project delivers on that brand promise I invite all of you to join us on our journey

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