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Breaking Ground: Cut, cover and concrete at South Yarra


We kicked off the new year with another major occupation at the South Yarra Siding Reserve This is going to be the entrance to the Metro Tunnel at the eastern portal

Not only are we building a new portal, but we're also removing and reinstating all the new rail infrastructure Building this is complicated because we're in such a tight location with not much room, and we have to fit so many workers and elements into one space Site logistics is one of our biggest priorities As you can see, a lot of the access is dependent on the William Street bridge behind me which was installed in November Works involved removing two kilometres of track, overhead lines and signalling equipment, upgrading all the new rail infrastructure, installation of approximately two kilometres of new drainage, 8,500 tonnes of ballast were placed, 2,900 sleepers, 32 gantries and 12 foundations for all the new overhead wiring structures

The occupation also saw us install six new track turnouts, 18 kilometres of new track, tying of approximately 550 tonnes of steel reinforcement, and our biggest concrete pour to date which was 1,350 cubic metres of concrete What all that means is, there's been a lot of work done to date We had a significant milestone, which was the pouring of the final section of the roof slab This is a key element of the cut and cover, which will lead into the new Metro Tunnel

This occupation has been the biggest to date here at the eastern portal We had crews working round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Working in construction we come up against forces we can't control, so despite all the challenges during the holiday season we've done exceptionally well I'd like to say thanks to all the staff and the workforce, and also the community for their patience and hard work during this time

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