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Breaking Ground: Acoustic Shed construction at City Square


So we're here at City Square This is one of the three sites that make up the Town Hall Station

The other two sites are Federation Square and Flinders Quarter So we've just finished constructing our acoustic shed It enables us to contain all of our construction activities, so all light, the dust, the noise that we generate doesn't go into the local community, and it allows us to work day and night shift So the shed itself is a steel frame with precast concrete panels and they perform really well to attenuate the noise So it's 90 metres long, 23 metres wide and 18 metres high

It's a temporary structure, it'll be up for approximately three years while we complete all the excavation activities and then it'll be removed after that Within the shed we have a temporary deck that we've constructed That's really important for us to get our vehicles in through Collins Street, into the shed to get loaded, and then out through Swanston Street So the gantry cranes are mostly used to remove the material from the shaft and we also use it to get all of our excavators in and out and all our materials needed for construction So on top of the deck we have all the material movements coming in and out, but really it's underneath the deck that we're doing all the excavation and the main works happen

Now that we've completed the deck and the shed we can focus on the excavation activities We're making really good progress with the shaft excavation, we've excavated approximately eight metres down We have another six metres to go before we can start to tunnel under Swanston Street The main bit of equipment for tunnelling will be a roadheader so quite a large piece of equipment that weighs approximately 70 tonne when fully mobilised and that will enable us to do the tunnelling works for the Town Hall Station

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