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BREAKING: Graham Asks Barr To Make Obama Holdover Available To Testify Over FISA Abuse


Lindsey Graham has reportedly asked Attorney General bar to make high-ranking DOJ Official Gabriel sons Rex H available to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee over FISA abuse sons Rex hatch is the chief of the office of intelligences Operations Section and he was known as the Justice Department's gatekeeper in 2016 when the FBI and DOJ obtained the illegal warrant to spy on Donald Trump Paul Sperry broke the news on Twitter reporting breaking senate judiciary chair graham has asked AG bar to make senior DOJ Official Gabriel sons Rex etch and Obama holdover available to testify before committee investigators about FISA abuses sons Rex H was the FISA gatekeeper at DOJ when illegal FISA approved on Trump aide the IG report released last year notes the chief of the office of intelligences Operations Section argued that the evidence collected during the first FISA application time period demonstrated that Carter page had access to individuals in Russia and he was Communicating with people in the Trump campaign this unco incidentally happens to be the same senior Justice Department official that Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is targeting in his committees investigation into alleged FISA abuses For months Senator Lindsey Graham has been leading the charge Investigating Democrats, including hunter Biden Joe Biden the whistleblower and other officials involved in the FISA process Lindsey Graham initially promised to look into the origins of the Russia investigation earlier this month telling CBS I'm going to get to the bottom of the FISA work Process because it was an abuse of power of the Department of Justice the FBI half of the people behind the Russia Investigation are going to jail He said how do you feel about the new development in this investigation? Let us know in the comments below You

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