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BREAKING! Gordon Ramsay Endorses Rooster & Lark and the #BreakfastMiracle


(exciting music) – Breaking news, international celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay, endorses Rooster & Lark and the breakfast miracle, calling it the single greatest culinary innovation of the century In a shocking announcement at the master chef's season 74 world premier, Chef Ramsay, for the first time in his career, publicly endorsed a frozen food product

When asked what inspired him to believe in the breakfast miracle he said, "Rooster & Lark has this magical ability "to connect people and vegetables "in a way unlike anything I have ever seen "It encourages people to get in the kitchen, "start cooking, and stop eating "that wretched pathetic excuse "for food Americans are accustomed to "It's about time someone kick the frozen food industry "in the bollocks and show them how "to do frozen food properly" Well said Gordon, well said For Rooster Roundup I'm Aaron Falber, and we'll see you next time Rooster Nation

(exciting music)

Source: Youtube

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