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Breaking free from Debt, Married Mother's Story of Success


– Hi So as I was making this video, I keep thinking, but where did this journey really start for me? And it took me back to a conversation I had with one of my colleagues

Who he asked me, "Sharon, are you financially independent?" And I so proudly said, "Yes" And then he asked, "But why are you still working?" And I couldn't understand that question Like, why would you ask them something like that? Of course I'm working because I've bills to pay, I have a life to live And then he said to me, "But Sharon that "is not what financial independence mean" And that shook me to my core, it really did I went home that night and I started Googling, how do you become financially independent? And so many things came up for me, businesses, that you can start, investments, et cetera

And that really shook me to my core because here's the thing The reality is that I followed the script and the script is get a degree, in my case, I got two degrees just to be safe So get a degree, get a job, make the money, work hard, make the money and then you will be financially free or financially independent And there I was with two degrees and not even knowing what financial independence really mean And for me that was such a low moment in my life

There I was in a job unfulfilled to my core, I couldn't wake up in the morning, I'm sad, I don't know On paper my life looks perfect On paper everything is the way it's supposed to be yet inside I'm sad all the time and I didn't know how I got myself into the situation And then that is where it started for me Then I found Anne Wilson and I just knew I had to join a wealth builders club

There was no question in my mind At the point where I joined, I was so confused around starting a business, an online coaching business, as well as growing our net worth And we had a conversation and then I decided to join And I have to tell you, it's the absolute best, best decision I've made in my life This has not only impacted me for this year

It's not only impacted me as an individual It's impacted my immediate family, my husband and my son, it's impacted my friends 'cause I keep talking to them about money and trying to educate them as best I can My husband and I started this journey beginning of last year We were unsure about so many things and we were really fearful because we didn't know what it means to invest and way to invest and how much do you invest and which index tracker you choose And we transferred all our extra savings and annuity to TFSA, we invested in the index trackers

We got so out of our comfort zone We had to study and there were moments where things just got quite crazy, we didn't know what to do, but the idea of having a party idea of having people around that you can ask, the idea of hopping on a call during our mega money diets and watching the replies and having that, just having that support The biggest thing for us was at the beginning of last year, we didn't have anything in place So now we have a base foundation in place We have our emergency fund in place

We have actually a nine month just savings that seat in the, in pace we needed What we also done this past year is we took the big step that we took is we sold our house that was quite an intense decision to make because we didn't know, you know, it's our home, but when we did the numbers, we realised that even if we keep it as an investment property and rent it out, it just, the numbers just doesn't add up So as a result, we sold our property We then took that money and we reinvested and now we have extra capital as well The other thing that we did which was quite big is my husband sold his car

We do have two cars, but he sold his car which had a monthly expense and we bought the cheaper car and we don't have any debt on our car so we don't have any consumer debt anymore We literally just working towards growing our net worth So last year was quite a big year because one of the dreams I've always had was taking an international trip, just a vacation And then we got to go to the US We got to go to California, Los Angeles

And that was quite a dream come true for me I did not think it was possible at all I thought it would be one day, you know, one day when you retire And I think the biggest step that I've taken in the last year, I quit my nine to five I never thought I would be able to do that because that was always the anchor

That was always the perceived stability that I had So I quit my nine to five and I'm in, I'm going full time in my business, my online coaching business And for me, that never have happened had I not joined this programme We also squeezed the juice a lot We squeeze the juice

My husband and I are now also having conversations about our money My son, he is also, we constantly have conversations with him about money He's got his manager and he gets to see the money grow I guess, in terms of the numbers our net worth increased by 634,000 grand This year has really been incredible

It shook us outside of our comfort zones It has made the impossible possible for us It has been an incredible journey It has been absolutely amazing And now I believe the impossible is possible

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