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BREAKING! Former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan Gets 16 Years For Spying Against Russia


Former US marine Paul Whelan was sentenced to 16 years behind bars in a high-security correctional facility for espionage against Russia This court decision was made by the Moscow City Court

We have live with us our correspondent Elizabeth Hramtzova Hi Elizabeth, can you tell us what he is sentenced for? Good afternoon The citizen of four countries, the USA, the UK, Canada, and Ireland was accused of collecting information which consists of state secrets On December 28, 2018, a former marine Paul Whelan, which at that time already worked in an American company for the production of auto parts, was detained in the heart of the capital, in a hotel Metropol, when he met with a friend associated with Russian security forces According to Whelan, that was just his friend who wanted to give him a USB flash drive with photos from their recent visit to the city Sergey Posad

However, on that drive, they were information containing the state secret It was the list with names and families of FSB agents The prosecutor asked for 18 years under article of espionage but in the end he was sentenced for 16 years in prison During the trial, the lawyers talked about the possibility of exchange, but for now, there is no concrete decision on this issue Whelan lawyer: The common practice is always an exchange (of spies)

That is, intelligence in this regard, well, comes with a humane attitude towards its employees and ours, as it were, always go and initiate this question I note that his professional activity was never connected with Russia, but he often visited our country and every time in court, through court statements, he reported that he simply loves Russian culture and therefore often visited Russia Constantly during the process, he was supported by foreign diplomats of those states and he has passports Today the US ambassador John Sullivan was present at the verdict He said that he was disappointed with this verdict and will be engaged in order to provide justice to Paul Whelan

The British Ambassador also made simmilar statement I note that the lawyers have already announced that they will appeal the verdict and they will be able to report all the details only after June 22nd Back to you Thank you Out correspondent Elizaveta Hramzova on Paul Whelan's verdict

Source: Youtube

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