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BREAKING! For The First Time Ever Putin Let Go Russian Journo In His Secret Room In Moscow Kremlin!


The main wing of the first building of the Kremlin Exactly 20 years ago, Vladimir Putin was elected president of Russia

Here is the working cabinet We are going to the reception A new angle and a new perspective In the film "Russia The Kremlin

Putin" on Sunday, June 21, at 2200 – Shooting about the life and work of the president, which no one has ever seen If you look at my colleagues, one has a camera on his chest, another one on his forehead, technology radically changed in the last 20 years Final preparations went right at Putin's reception There are no mirrors here, so they were tuned in, looking at the reflection of the plate with the inscription "President of the Russian Federation"

– What will we see? – The new angle that viewers didn't see before Come in At the reception itself, I had to wait a little longer – Putin held telephone conversations When we managed to get a hold of him, someone called again It's time to come in

This will be a film in which answers to so many acute questions will be heard A question of justice is always very high on the agenda What problems are Russia facing now and can they be compared with those that were when Putin was just starting to rule the country? Have you changed over these 20 years? How have you changed? A politician Putin 2000 and Putin 2020 – are you still a "galley slave"? A conversation that had no scenario, so often it took on completely unpredictable momentum -Is there some secret room? – No, there is a dining room and a relaxation room The presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who had been standing at a distance at the entrance to the office all this time, was forced to literally rush forward, because it turned out that the president and the film crew had gone completely unaccompanied to where journalists never go

I warn you: I did not cook anything there, so there is a working atmosphere Peskov caught up with us in seconds but did not intervene in anything that happened and only kept a close eye One of the first interviews for the film was recorded when it was still cold outside, and if you look closely, there is a coat on the couch

Your coat? So there is no special wardrobe here, but there is a secret room – details are only in our film You are here, probably, the first of those to whom I showed – Yes? – Right! – Here, in the Kremlin, what kind of energy in general? – You know, I don’t even think about it We also managed to consider what lies behind the president’s desk – children's drawings and crafts These, apparently, are gifts made to Putin during various trips

We asked the president about his grandchildren: – Can they call you here and find you? – They can get through, they get through Personal revelations What we are showing now is only a small part Even more interesting moments in the film are rare shots and sensational presidential statements We had a conversation and get out via these doors

We go with you and you should go there In advance, it was necessary to think over the route, how best, and where to go around the Kremlin in order to calmly and thoroughly talk But, of course, at the most important moment, everything was already forgotten Let's have a walk This way, this way The second operator, meanwhile, began to walk through other halls in order to end up in the same corridor There was a long and interesting conversation, including about the guilty subordinates – Then what’s going on in your office? – Well, we have tough conversations

Of course, employees of the Federal Guard Service constantly work in the main corridors of the Kremlin They became unwitting witnesses of a very unusual growing noise, unlike usual silence – We are now in that enfilade of halls where, as we see, your foreign policy meetings usually take place – Yes, that is right A few weeks before recording that interview, the president of Ukraine made statements in which, following some odious European politicians, he put the Soviet Union and fascist Germany on the same page

– So how can this affect our future relations? – Negatively I think that for him, for Zelensky himself, there is nothing good in this, bearing in mind that Ukraine itself was badly damaged during the WW2 Our film crew accompanied the president throughout the year on all his trips – in Dagestan, the Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk region, and near and far abroad Hot comments on the go Another interview was recorded just the other day – June 12th

– We meet on holidays with you – Yes There, we asked Putin about amendments to the Constitution, including about his speech in the Duma, when he responded to the initiative of the deputies about the possibility of running for another term You said then: "It will be seen there" Have you made a decision for yourself now? The answer will be heard only in the film "Russia The Kremlin

Putin" on Sunday, June 21, at exactly 2200 on the channel "Russia 1"

Source: Youtube

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