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BREAKING: Encuentran Cuerpo de Naya Rivera +Emotivas Imágenes de su Familia


The search for the body of Naya Rivera today enters its sixth day and the authorities have even even reviewed the cabins around Piru Lake The Ventura County Sheriff's Office announced yesterday that they would search the cabins later from the pressure of the star's fans through social networks

After the search Sergeant Shannon King made the following statement: "[The cabins] are not occupied It did not result in anything There is no evidence to suggest that [Naya] came out of the water It seems being a tragic 100 percent drowning "The police also dissuaded fans Naya's joining the search by tweeting: "The lake is closed

The temperature it's in the 90s Fahrenheit or 30 centigrade The terrain around the lake is steep and abrupt Our teams are well equipped and extensively trained We don't want to have than rescue them "And the spokesman for the Rescue Team of the County Police Station Ventura, Robert Inglis revealed that moments before Naya's disappearance, she sent a picture of her son to a relative showing Josie in the boat nearby from the lake shore

This happened two hours before Josie was found alone in the boat That is why Inglis expressed being sure that they will locate the body of the actress and detailed the following theory: "What I suspect is that the wind began to blow stronger These types of boats are very light and when pushed they move away from you [Naya] may have tried swimming towards the boat

But they are only speculation Once we find it, that will respond several questions "On the other hand, Naya Rivera's former partner on Glee, Heather Elizabeth Morris, this weekend asked the authorities for permission to join the Rescue efforts by tweeting: "I am a close friend and colleague of Naya, and I am trying Conduct a search and rescue mission on foot with a small group of friends in the Piru Lake I understand that your team is doing EVERYTHING in their power, but we feel helpless " After being contacted by the authorities, Heather added: "I have spoken to Commissioner Eric Buschow and assured that they are deploying each of their resources to locate Naya

I have complete confidence that they are doing everything they can and even more " And this Saturday the heartbreaking images of Naya's father arriving at the lake began to circulate Piru for the first time since the disappearance of his daughter and immediately started running towards the water and got into it with everything and clothes It was a very emotional moment since George tried to connect with his missing daughter Another painful image was when the mother of Naya, Yolanda Rivera, got down on her knees on the pier with open arms regretting the presumed death of his daughter In fact, the entire Naya family was present not just to help in the search for the star but also to feel closer to it as they process their presumed loss

Her brother Mychal and sister Nickayla were seen on the lake as did Josey's ex-husband and father Ryan Dorsey Everyone was comforted each other with hugs and gestures of support throughout their search How we always have nothing left but to express our condolences to the family and fans of Naya Rivera And if you want to know more details of your search click here next… Also comment below if you would like to have this lake renamed Lake Naya in honor of the actress

Source: Youtube

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