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BREAKING: Duncan Hunter To Plead GUILTY


>> Republican Congressman, Duncan Hunter plans on pleading guilty to one of the 60 criminal charges against him related to illegal use of campaign finance money So he had used some of this campaign funds for all sorts of personal reasons and of course, that's against the law

So he has released a statement saying the plea accepted is misused of my own campaign funds of which I plead guilty to only one count I think it's important to let people know that I did made mistakes I did not properly monitor or account for my campaign money I justify my plea with the understanding that I am responsible for my own campaign and my own campaign money Now this is a huge reversal because as we know, we've talked about this story of the show excessively

He had denied any wrong doing, but there was a great deal of evidence showing that he had spent the money on dental work, on trips with his family, on tactical military gear, tactical pants off of a military store He also- >> Golf >> Golf exactly So all sorts of personal things that he is not supposed to use that money for He also said, I'm confident that the transition will be a good one referring to his seat in congress

My office is going to remain open We're going to pass it off to whoever takes this next seat I think it's important to keep the seat a Republican seat Well, that's not, it's not up to you, and so it's really unclear whether he's going to resign, but it seems like he's giving us a little bit of a hint that he plans to >> Okay, so look, he might be going to prison, so that would be excellent and of course, he should

One of the other things he spent the money on was flying his pet rabbit across the country Another thing he spent money on was his five affairs Now, he then blamed his wife originally for misusing the money Pretty sure she didn't spend it on their fares So now he's turning around to say well, I hope my wife doesn't get any prison time for this and I'm accepting responsibility

Are you? He talks about, well, it's just one crime I'm admitting to Yeah, that's why it's a plea deal, otherwise they could vic you on all of the crimes >> Right >> And what happened? I thought you said it was a deep state plot? See that's what they see, understand when Donald Trump and all of his lackeys talk about the deep state and Oaks and witch hunt, etc At the end of the day, a lot of these guys come back around and say, yeah of course I did it, don't be ridiculous

I don't wanna go to prison for like 20 years, so I'm going to take a plea and maybe go to prison for a couple of years for ripping off all my campaign donors in a manner that is brazenly illegal Yeah, of course I was lying when I said it was a deep state blood, who would be stupid enough to believe that? Right, the Republican voters who put them back into office in the middle of the investigation when they already knew all these facts >> It's amazing Because what, you guys believed it really was a deep state plot because right now Duncan Hunter turns around and goes, no, you moron, of course, it wasn't a deep state plot That was an obvious lie, I did it

So- >> He stole money from his own donors, right? I mean, look, it's a Republican Congressman, I'm guessing that he doesn't have like small dollar donors who are scraping by But still, I mean, these are people who supported him He took their money and he spent it on nonsense, including affairs And his wife, he did throw his wife under a bus But then his wife pleaded guilty and confessed to everything which of course threw him under the bus

So he really had no choice but to take a plea deal, which it appears he's doing here And he did release a statement about his wife He specifically said, whatever my time in custody will be, by the way she's facing five years, but she'll probably serve much less I will take that hit My only hope is that the judge does not sentence my wife to jail

I think my kids need a mom in the home Probably needed a dad in the home to Where the father's? Apparently having affairs in Washington DC >> Yeah, it was ill gotten gains Maybe you should have thought about your wife going to jail before you threw her under the bus

And maybe like Donald Trump, you should have put a couple of us behind Hey, if I throw everyone that is closest to me under a bus, I might not have anyone left to support me But like Donald Trump, you're an idiot And so you didn't think that's true at all And now come on around and have to admit that you were in fact guilty

And this is the easiest prediction of all time Later when he gets out of prison, he'll say, well, no, I mean, dud I plead guilty, did I serve time and night? But I didn't really mean it It was a deep state plot all along You know he's gonna do that, everybody knows he's gonna do that These are the greasiest worst people in America

I mean, how could you not see through this guy? But he was narrowly reelected last time This time around, the same Democrats in the campaign and you should support someone who actually isn't corrupt How about that for a change? Ammar Campa-Najjar is an excellent candidate He was a justice Democrat And that means he doesn't take corporate pac money, let alone abuse it like Duncan Hunter did illegally

So whether you agree a 100% with his politics or not in that district, at least you know he's clean That would be a nice change for your district So if you wannafind out more about him it's campacampaigncom, C-A-M-P-A campaigncom, campacampaign

com, a great solid progressive in that district but most importantly clean and uncorrupted

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