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Breaking down Wichita State's win over Temple


Hey, guys, Taylor Eldridge here with The Wichita Eagle and Kansascom

I'm at Coke Arena, where the Wichita State Shockers just pulled out a thriller 7269 I'm joined by the star of the game, Jacob Herrs Jacob, what was that view from the bench there down seven, four minutes left, NCAA tournament, hopes on the line What's it like to see you W triple at off? >> No, the mindset of our team was big time Our backs were against the wall

My brother Bryson and I had to make big plays on the bench down the stretch and we're just so proud of how the team performed >> Yeah, celebrations? What's the goal there? What are you trying to do? I mean, you guys were making baskets down the stretch, so what's going through your mind? What do you have to do? >> No, we just wanna do something flashy enough to get people's attention, sitting at their TV screen at home, but nothing too cock >> Nothing too crazy But in all seriousness, WSU, they pulled this one out Trey Wade 21 points career high as a shocker

I know he just told me that he works so hard on his game so to see him, finally, get shots to finally fall What was that like to see a guy who works so hard to finally have a big game like this? >> Yeah, that was awesome, man I love when anyone on our team has success but that was big to see Trade having really good game That was awesome >> Yeah, and like I said, I think the thing that stands or makes WSU stand apart from the other bubble teams, no bad losses

This was could have been a Q3 loss that would have been the first blemish on WSU's postseason resume So to pull this one out, an entertaining finish You feel like this team may be, you guys have lost three close ones The Cincinnati games, the Tulsa heart breaker, to finally be on the right side of one >> Yeah

>> Yeah >> What does this do to just uplift the team's psyche? I mean, does it feel bigger than just one win? >> Yeah, I mean, of course, you gotta win your home games, but this one felt really good Cuz like I said, our backs were against the wall And if we didn't win this one, it wouldn't be looking too good or both seasons So, yeah, this would have been a worse loss if it was at home, compared to them, at their place, but- >> Exactly

>> Yeah, that was huge, to get this win >> Yeah, so Wichita State avoids that, you don't have to think about that Another entertaining game for Shocker fans 21-7 on the season now, 9-6 in conference play Big win in conferences, W's trying to go for that top four seed

Get that first round by in the conference tournament Jacob, thanks so much for joining me >> Thanks, man >> I'm sure the fans love to see you >> Yes, sir, thank you

>> All right, thanks guys for tuning in, I appreciate it [BLANK_AUDIO]

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