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Breaking down Wichita State's win over Memphis in Koch Arena


Hey guys, Taylor Eldrige here at the Wichita Eagle in Kansascom

I'm at Koch Arena right after the blackout game Number 23, Wichita State wins at 76-67 over number 21, Memphis This was kinda the early limits test for both of these teams, which team was gonna be looking up to whom for the rest of the conference race And Wichita State, they bring the fire It was an electric atmosphere such a great showing from the Wichita State Shocker nation on national TV

And the team backed it up on the play They start this game out 17 to 4, they put Memphis in a 13 point hole right out of the jump And after that, it was it was a grind, Memphis give them credit They were resilient, they never went away But man Wichita State whenever it needed it, the Shockers came up big

And you think back three years ago, when Wichita State was making the move to the American The dream was nights like this, national TV audience crazy blackout crowd at Koch Arena Two top 25 teams battling each other and Wichita State coming out on top So this was everything Wichita State wanted when it made the move to the American and they lived up to the hype tonight, and really it was a balanced performance I thought that was the big difference in this game where we're Memphis was maybe relying on one or two players to generate a lot of their offense

WSU got it from from a lot of different people tonight Jamarius Burton, probably the best player for the Shockers tonight He had a team high 16 points had that crazy spin cycle move for the and one And then you remember Dexter Dennis coming up with the offensive rebound kicking out to Eric Stephenson The three dagger puts them up 19

That was probably the loudest the crowd got tonight So that was a lot of fun to watch And you mentioned Stephenson, he finishes with 12, Tyson Etienne, the freshman, 11 points And like I said, it's a real balanced scoring effort by WSU And they win on a night where they shoot less than 33% from the field

So how did they do that? Because a tremendous defense Memphis super athletic, have some real potent scores but a great scouting report by Luca Dino, WSU was able to do a lot of same things that did defensively against Ole Miss And turn non-scorers into the ones that were taking the shots for Memphis early on And another great job by WSU on the defensive end to get the job done Eight straight wins, the first top 25 win in three years I believe

So I expect WSU to shoot up the rankings but they had to take care of business this weekend Not have a letdown game They're going on the road at UConn They're a little down this year but they're still a very talented team So WSU's got to take care of business on the road

But tonight they're gonna celebrate a big big time win Wichita State is back in the national spotlight So be sure to read all my stuff on Kansascom and I'll see you next time [BLANK_AUDIO]

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