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Breaking down Wichita State's win over East Carolina


Hey, guys, it's Taylor Eldridge here with the Wichita Eagle and kansascom

I'm at Coke Arena where Wichita State just wrapped up a 75-69 victory over East Carolina in the conference opener, a good reminder for WSUT in vying for a conference title that no easy games in this conference East Carolina much improved over the three games that the Shockers played him in Last season, all three blow out wins for the Shockers And what we saw tonight was that even the bottom of the conference can sneak up and play a really good game East Carolina, they shoot 49% from the field

They out rebound the Shockers, a very good rebounding team, 36-33, and Jayden Gardner, man, he almost single-handedly won this game for the Pirates He finishes with a game high 29 points and ten rebounds But the Shockers have just enough to pull it off down the stretch Eric Stevenson, player of the game, 17 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals Even when a shot wasn't following he was able to impact this game with rebounding, with steals

And the Shockers had four others in double digits, Jamarius Burton 15 and Tyson Etienne and Trey Wade with 11 But another big story coming out of this game, the return of Dexter Dennis Fresh off a plane from New Orleans, he arrived in Wichita at about the start of this game and came straight to Coke Arena Came out on the floor with his teammates At half time, sat on the bench in the second half

So big lift there for Wichita State Gregg Marshall said he's sitting down and talking with Dexter tonight but he did say that Dexter told him that after this game, Coach, I'm ready to go So that's good news for the Shockers Maybe we'll see Dexter return Saturday against Ole Miss at Coke Arena So be sure to keep up to date on Kansas

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