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Breaking down Wichita State's loss to Cincinnati


Hey guys, Taylor Eldridge here with the Wichita Eagle and Kansascom

I'm at Koch Arena where the Shockers drop another heartbreaker in the final seconds, this time protecting a two-point lead They foul Jarron Cumberland, he makes the shot and then the game winning free throw with three seconds left Cincinnati for the third straight season has come to Koch Arena and beat the Shockers 80 to 79 this year You can't really, with WSU, they match Cincinnati's high level play, the Bearcats they were shooting, they are on fire the entire game, they shoot 55% So for WSU considering their offensive woes the last three weeks, pretty impressive that the Shockers are able to raise their game, elevate themselves on offense to match this

They were down six with five minutes left Things were looking pretty bleak but the Shockers they finally got those defensive stops that they needed And then on the offensive end, they went to Jaime Echenique, team high 19 points 11 rebounds 3 blocks for him He is playing unreal, he is proving himself as a First Team All Conference Player And then the Shockers, they have so many big plays down the stretch

Dexter Dennis with a big time offensive rebound dribbles it back out for the go ahead three-pointer He finishes with 16 points and 4 threes, he makes a big time play Then WSU trailing by one under a minute left They throw down to Echenique, he gets double, he kicks it back out to the freshman Grant Sherfield and he makes an off the dribble three Looks like that's gonna be the game winning shot that puts WSU up 79 to 77

But then, WSU just needed one last stop and could not come up with it Cincinnati puts the ball in the hands of Jarron Cumberland, the reining AAC player of the year And he goes to work, makes a ridiculously tough shot down the stretch to tie it up, and then like I said, he makes the game winning free throw WSU has one last look at it, Erik Stevenson But it fall short and big missed opportunity for the Shockers tonight because the conference leader, Tulsa, also lost tonight, so they would have gained a game

Instead, the Shockers are now looking at four losses in the last six games and it doesn't get any easier with the road trip coming up this Sunday at Houston So be sure to tune in to Kansascom I'll have all the breakdown of what to think about this game and what the Shockers have to do to pick up a big time road win on Sunday [BLANK_AUDIO]

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