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Breaking down the "Wanna Be Friends?" Hacker on YouTube


Subtitle by HexagonWin Hello, today's video is not a virus review that I used to do, but I will briefly describe the situation Channels with names like Logan, Tom, Tim, and Bazki (that's the name) are controversial because they increase the number of hits and subscribers falsely and even post spam comments on random videos

Of course, I don't think this is possible, and I think it's unlikely to be a vulnerability, because it just doesn't fit back and forth Still, as I said before, we can't just sit around and do anything about this There are countless ways for cyber criminals to commit cyber crime We can call this "attack vendor" Now, you can think of countless "attack vendors"

I think this is just one of the many YouTube attack vendors So, for the sake of understanding, I tried to create a flowchart that would have been made by an attack vendor and someone between those bots and actions (Table appeared) Anyway, I have a lot to explain today, so I will explain it as simple and short as possible Now, there is no starting point, so let's start here Phishing is a way that hackers use a lot to steal people's personal information

Basically, you make your website look like any other official website, and the person you steal is tricked into entering your personal information there Mostly, people like Google, Facebook, and Naver disguised themselves as reliable pages Spear-phishing is another type of phishing similar to normal phishing, designed primarily to deceive people like tall people or lovers Now, if you move a little further, you will see fake affiliates and phishing campaigns targeted to YouTubers Basically, they ask for support from YouTubers by email and send them a link to the fake phishing site or a Korean document with a macro virus

Macro viruses are the way code is loaded into software applications So, it can be mounted in doc files or hwp files Now then, this is more complicated Both spambots and hacking are a bit involved in the YouTube situation There may be a place where you can be hacked and the password could be leaked

So, even if you change your password, make it a difficult password to break You can launch Brute Force attacks by email (Bruit Force is a cracking method that randomly enters any possible combination of words and rolls until off-duty) If you move to the next, you will see the virus type such as worm or RAT These are pretty relevant because working together can make a successful cyber attack

Vulnerabilities are basically weak parts of the system and can be hacked using viruses Another way is to distribute the virus in the form of advertising called malvertising As we all know, viruses include information thieves, keyloggers (hackers see what they hit on the keyboard), trojans, ransomware, botnets, RAT and more They are used to hack different ways with different technologies And it's not surprising now that they can steal your phone's authentication code without your knowledge

Therefore, you should monitor background tasks to prevent such pitifulness There's a lot to say about how they work, but I'm just going to be short and simple Now, let's talk about the main conclusion All of these comments you see a lot are spambots Just subscribe and reply to that channel doesn't mean you're immediately infected

These spambots are just for attention Nothing different As part of social engineering, it's part of a smaller attack vendor or bigger plan Do you know where I explain? Just go to that flow It starts to make sense

Now, if you zoom out the flowchart, you should now be able to understand almost all of the attack methods In the middle is social engineering And the others are connected to each other right away or in a few steps Social engeneering is the mother of all these attacks at the end In case you don't know, social engineering, in terms of information security, allows people to take action or enter personal information through psychological tricks on people

You can see Identity Thefi underneath This is a further exchange with other information by committing fraud with other people's personal information or committing a crime This technique is famous for scams that earn money But now in the case of YouTube's Logan Barzki Team Tom Bots, identify theft is for the person behind all this to keep himself anonymous and execute the plan, blinding us all And finally, let's look at the last item

It's called Oday Also called zero-day vulnerability As explained previously, this is used to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the system and is usually patched by developers However, zero-day vulnerabilities are unknown So it hasn't been patched yet

So it's a security flaw we don't know yet Now, it's very unlikely that these bots can communicate on YouTube and get a virus However, the devices we use (phones, computers) may have vulnerabilities So rather than believing in our philosophical theory, let's point out what we should have known from the beginning The whole situation gives more attention to the bot, and this is what the person behind it wants

He just wants us to be afraid and do with our philosophical theory So my real point is, this is just a cyber attack that was planned a long time ago, and it's just effective And after this, people were trying ways to compromise on these accounts YouTube spambots are just for attention, and that's it This video might have been better if I had said it myself, but first I'll just look at this type of explanatory video

I have been trying to make a video like this for a long time, but I am a very poor person So it's late, but I hope many people know this and protect themselves Now, in case you're curious, let me show you what those channels look like IBot keeps changing the name of P-Sarang, but the actual channel id does not always change I am currently broadcasting live, but the fact is that the recorded video is played indefinitely

This is really accurate social engineering and nothing else This bot tells people to participate in sharing in many ways, so that everyone falls into this trap And almost all comments here are not real users Because you can't click on their channel I hope this video is useful

Let us know in the comments what type of video you want And force me not to be lazy And I also made an account safety video for YouTubers, a few weeks ago Then I'll finish the video now Oh, and you can download this flowchart in the description column

And if you like this video, please subscribe 🙂 (And as always) (Thank you for watching!)

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