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Breaking Down The Easter Eggs In Joji’s “Run” Video | Genius News


[RUSSEL] Joji has fans back in their feels as he croons about unrequited love on “Run” – his first track of the year [RUSSEL] “Run” is produced by Justin Parker, also responsible for hits like Rihanna’s “Stay” Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games,” and others

The lyrics find Joji emotionally wrecked over a person now in a relationship with someone that’s not him [RUSSEL] On the second verse, Joji reflects on his foolish heart and failed efforts at love [RUSSEL] And the song closes with an epic guitar solo [RUSSEL] This isn’t the first time Joji has used running as a theme in his songs It’s been an element of his songwriting since his early works like 'Chloe Burbank' up until his last album 2018’s 'Ballads 1

' [RUSSEL] There was also the “running gag” in his comedy as his former YouTube personas Filthy Frank and Pink Guy [RUSSEL] “Run’s” music video, directed by Aisultan Seitov, opens with Joji waking up in the back of a limousine He tries to run out and brushes with mobs of partiers as the limo shows no end in sight [RUSSEL] Keen eyes are finding easter eggs in “Run” that may link back to Joji’s space-inspired June 2019 video “Sanctuary” [RUSSEL] After Joji escapes the limo he's seen running on an endless plain that looks like the remnants of the ritual dance circle from the 2019 video

[RUSSEL] In the the outro, Joji wakes up on what appears to be the spaceship from “Sanctuary” Around his waist is the same spacesuit And on one of the walls hangs a picture of the ship’s crew [RUSSEL] The possible connections between “Run” and “Sanctuary” have Joji fans excited for his next album and curious about the concept behind it [RUSSEL] In 2019, Joji’s 88rising labelhead Sean Miyashiro spoke to Genius News about what to expect

SEAN: Obviously a breakthrough moment for him, but musically, sonically, he wants to completely blow that out of the water [RUSSEL] According to Sean, Joji’s also been cooking up with producer Kenny Beats I know he’s with Kenny Beats a lot He's there all the time because it's right by his house, so they're working He's just incredibly focused on making a very timeless album

[RUSSEL] The release of “Run” marks the start of what should be a busy year for Joji, who will be performing at Coachella along with the rest of the 88rising crew [RUSSEL] Upon its release, “Run” shot up to the top of the Genius Top Songs Chart If you want to learn more about the song, check out the song page on Geniuscom I'm Russel Abad with Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music

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