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Breaking Down our TradeMark Express Packages


We do research at the federal, state, and at the common law-level to make sure the name you want to use in the marketplace is legally available The research that we do can take anywhere from five to six hours and when we do the research, we look at similarities in sound, appearance, and meaning because these are all factors that will be considered when your trademark application is filed

This package is a little bit more hands-on for the client So with this package, you can research one name, logo, or slogan We will conduct the research at the federal, state, and common law level After each step of the research, you will be responsible for consulting with one of the trademark attorneys we work with They will let you know if the trademark is not available to be filed to the USPTO because it's not legally available in the market place

They'll let you know if the application needs to be filed a certain way or if the name is perfectly clear to continue on with the next step After the research is done, we will then prepare and guide you through the submission process of your trademark application Two extra services included in the Premium Package is that we will monitor the trademark for a full year after it's been filed and if you receive any minor notifications from the USPTO or any intellectual property office that we submit to worldwide You would get the common law search and an attorney consultation For the application preparation and submission – along with the monitoring of your trademark for a full year after it's been filed and response to any minor notifications you receive from the USPTO or from the intellectual property office, which we file you in you know, depending on which country you decide to file in

The benefits of having a trademark is that you are able to control your name, logo, or slogan and the services that you provide under it No one else will be able to infringe upon you, or if they do you can kindly send them a Cease and Desist letter and let them know that you have rights over this name

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