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Breaking Down NLE Choppa’s Piano Beats | Genius News


TIA: Memphis rapper NLE Choppa’s viral hits have taken over the Internet in 2019, and many of them feature a distinct piano melody on the beat CHOPPA: That’s something I had realized that I use a lot of piano type of beats

I was doing it on accident I wasn’t doing it intentionally but it’s just something that I like I guess I got an ear for it TIA: Those melodic beats have served him well, with his breakout hit “Shotta Flow” giving him his first song on the Billboard Hot 100 peaking at 36 earlier in the year CHOPPA: What made me go it was really how the beat came on you hear dun dun, I was like hol’ up we got something right here TIA: That’s Midas800, the producer behind the original “Shotta Flow” He’s spoken with Genius before on our Deconstructed series to break down the process behind that beat

MIDAS: The simplicity of the high hats come from the simplicity of the piano, forreal Sometimes simple is better TIA: And that simple piano created a blueprint for future NLE songs too TIA: Shortly after the success of “Shotta Flow,” NLE Choppa dropped “Shotta Flow 2” and “3,” both of which also prominently feature the piano CHOPPA: When you listening to Shotta Flows you know the bass gon be thumping you know it’s just gonna be a hard beat

TIA: NLE linked up with Midas again on “Capo,” which still features a piano but has a much murkier tone, and was inspired by a mix of Southern and Detroit influences CHOPPA: Midas he sent the beat to my phone That one when I heard that beat I was like man I gotta right to it I wanna make it just right TIA: When it comes to slightly more upbeat, piano tracks like “Camelot,” we hear yet another piano melody on the beat CHOPPA: I like the more melodic stuff more because I feel like it’s creativity, so I just like being creative

TIA: NLE Choppa isn’t the only Memphis rapper known for rapping over piano-heavy beats Memphis has given us plenty of other rappers and producers birthing new sounds TIA: Legendary Memphis group Three 6 Mafia and their piano-heavy classics like “Late Night Tip,” which itself samples R&B singer Lisa Fischer’s “How Can I Ease the Pain,” have been frequently sampled over the years by rappers like Plies and more TIA: But Choppa told us that while Memphis might be home to a variety of sounds, his voice is singular CHOPPA: A lot of people compare me to Blocboy cuz of the energy but a lot of people say I sound different

TIA: And with new music dropping left and right, we can expect Choppa to give fans what they like to hear but still switch it up every once in a while CHOPPA: I feel like I’m gonna try to do a little more of it in the future then try to branch out to something else, see what else I like TIA: I’m Tia with Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music

Source: Youtube

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