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breaking down my favorite moments from 2019


hey everyone Jake Portie here today I'm going to be desperately trying to do something whilst I am in isolation this has been quite a week it was very very emotionally touch-and-go for a second but we're fine now I just have to say real quick I am a super fan of The Walking Dead and that said I'm very disappointed that I wasn't prepared for society to immediately go for toilet paper like but I think I have the hang of this social distancing thing now at first I just got as many snacks as I could and ate them if this was a survival scenario and I had like a group that could say hey you don't need those cheese crackers you just had a box maybe I could do that but alone now that we have my update and the way I wanted to look at some stuff from 2019 just to kind of distract for a little bit from all this craziness like 2019 really was good I really tried a lot of new things last year and I'm really proud of what I was able to do and so many of you liked what I produced as well so yeah let's go back to that let's just do that so this Film Festival happened about this time last year and my short film Dancer was nominated for some awards I'm just so proud of this little moment right here my journey as a filmmaker started when I was about 10 or 11 years old I remember my grandmother got me a camera for Christmas and I was immediately obsessed I started filming everything and when my cousin's would come to visit we would fill in these little I decorated that cake films with that camera and it's just crazy to me looking at those old videos and seeing how far we've all come I just I love that I love that you have to admit like that's cool like the old video that's cool but I did decorate that cake and that was 2010 so I would have been like twelve 12 year old about decorated that cake so can you make a noise or something in this room tap or move an object possibly my friends and I my friends from high school we got together for my grandparents house is haunted if you don't know about that please watch these videos one of my favorite moments from this series was there was no way like his movies arm it had to have been like picked up and set over please watch it Oh than I thought or than are like so this is how he was originally look at where this hand is okay it's like in a crack like completely straight now his sleeve is not around his wrist he is away from the pillow he was scooted off that bed I don't like that people have dolls I don't like dolls Sheridan is such an icon too All my friends all my friends and family they're so iconic like I can't say that enough if I had the money to have a camera crew there'd be so many of these so many

One thing that I'm super proud of from 2019 is roomful of strangers I want to do more it's one of the most popular things that I've produced and many of you who are watching this may have discovered my channel through this series so I first sure want to make more and I actually have an idea for like other types of psychology games and shows let's look at the first one that I ever we are about to walk into the box wasn't that long ago like that is not is something I just have to say this again like this as well as the ghost series like it's not scripted so like that's something that I'm really proud of as well like that's literally like I was so nervous that's complete genuine moments right there and I feel like that's not always done so the fact that we were able to create something like funny and educational and entertaining all in one like I'm so proud of everyone that was involved and it was so much fun let me know in the comments below if you want more roomful of strangers because I know I do so if you do then I have to make some that's just how it works so my most recent short film dr wolf I made a behind-the-scenes video for that so my friend Ambree okay yeah let's go to this this is my friend Ambree I was telling us how how she used to draw stick figures isn't that terrifying Carl stand the stick man haunt my nightmares and obviously we love dr wolf the short film this was my first film I ever saw on a cinema camera and for Katie and okay this is too scary and sad but I love it something I'm really proud of is my little song I've written a lot of songs but I don't really consider myself a singer or a musician but I do love to write obviously and I wrote this and recorded it and I just felt like I needed to release it like and I listened to this like all the time like if I'm ever feeling down I listen to this and it makes me feel better it really does I don't know if that sounds really stupid because it's my own but like it makes me feel better to like hear myself say like hey I have seen the bright side like it's okay sometimes I feel like that's all I there are things we all but trust me trust me when I say that I've seen ah it makes me feel good and then can we discuss my DIY skincare days because my skin looked absolutely amazing in this video so it's naturally moisturizing and cleansing for your skin it's gonna reduce signs of aging and your chances of having a breakout I haven't done that in a long time and my skin is not as good as it is right here on the screen it's just that so yes that was our little blast from the past to 2019 that was really fun I definitely needed that hopefully you guys found this video relaxing and a little bit distracting from all the chaos that's going on right now just know that this is gonna be over at some point and everything is gonna get back to normal so just make sure that you're doing everything you can to stay healthy and happy because those are the most important things thank you so much for watching this video it means so much to me be sure to leave a thumbs up if you liked this video I'm really interested in making some more commentary type of videos maybe reacting to some things that aren't mine leave me a comment down below let me know how you're doing and I will see you next time I love you guys so much J Porche I don't know why I just said my name but that's what it is I'm gonna have so many outtakes for this so many I really wish that's a creepy I literally just practiced at least five times Chimaera hello hello hello hello chimera my smile is right here

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