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Breaking Down Jeffree Star's Social Media Empire By the Insane Numbers – US News


How do you build an $18 million dollar empire? You start with an $18 liquid lipstick, of course   Since starting his wildly popular YouTube channel in 2006, Jeffree Star has become a superstar, becoming one of the platform's highest-earning creators, bringing in $18 million alone in 2018 But Jeffree's business goes far beyond creating videos for his legions of devoted fans   After founding Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014, Jeffree's beauty empire has only grown as has his popularity on social media, becoming one of the most successful influencers since content creators became the new A-list   And he's got the lavish lifestyle to prove it, which he is more than happy to share with his followers on his various social media platforms   But just how massive (and expensive) is the empire Jeffree (whose real name is Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr ) has built? Well, let's just say that the 34-year-old beauty guru's handbag collection has more security detail than most banks Photos  YouTube's Biggest Scandals  2 billion: views on YouTube$100 million: Reported total amount of products Jeffree's company sold in 2018, per Forbes$18 million: How much Jeffree made in 2018, according to Forbes 16 1 million: YouTube Subscribers151 million: Instagram followers5

8 million Twitter followers $3 6 million: Estimated value of Jeffree's Calabasas home3 million: Facebook fans  $2 5 million: The amount of cosmetics stolen by burglars who broke into Star's warehouse in April $379,2000: The reported cost of the most expensive handbag (Hermès Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin) in Jeffree's vast collection of designer bags $150,000: Average cost of Jeffree's watches$150,000: The cost of the lime green Aston Martin Vantage Jeffree surprised boyfriend Nathan Schwandt with for his birthday  30,000: The number of units that sold out in minutes when Jeffree's company launched in 2014, with an $18 liquid lipstick $23,000: Cost of a diamond-encrusted lipstick holder Jeffree owns and plans on selling limited amounts of10,000: Pounds of bulletproof stainless steel surrounding Jeffree's closet/vault 100: Camers installed at Jeffree's Calabasas home 100+: Employees working for Jeffree30: Minutes it took for Jeffree and fellow content creator/friend and collaborator Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Collection, which was one million units, to sell out, a record for Jeffree Star Cosmetics 13 years: since Jeffree started his YouTube channel 12 years: how long Jeffree had his signature pink hair for before dying it platinum blonde, with the influencer telling Cosmo, "I know it sounds so dumb, but when you've had pink hair for 12 years and take that away, you're looked at in a different light "5: Jeffree's ranking among Forbes' list of the highest-paid YouTube stars in 20184: Years Jeffree and Nathan have been together after the latter slid into Jeffree's DMs3: Armed guards on Jeffree's security team3: Dogs Jeffree has with Nathan, Diva, Delicious and Drama (Diamond and Daddy passed away earlier this year)  1: record deal, with Jeffree being signed to Akon's label in 2010 in after achieving viral success thanks to his MySpace days and his 2009 album But he never released an album, parting ways with the label in 2013, with Jeffree explaining to Cosmo, "It was almost like they were dimming my light and they weren't letting me be me "0: Number of times Jeffree has tried alcohol "I've never tried alcohol before which people don't believe, I've just smoked weed," Jeffree once revealed to Shane Dawson "I've never tried coke, ecstasy, nothing I've never sipped a beer, never tried wine, but I have a sweet tooth, so all that sugar really accelerated how f–ked my teeth were "

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