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Breaking down Goodyear's 2020-21 budget


Every year the city of Goodyear puts together a balanced budget to address the city's needs for the upcoming year Think of it as a road map

It outlines how the city will provide essential services to residents, and prioritizes projects that will continue to enhance the quality of life in Goodyear The city has put a lot of thought into its new budget in fact it's the largest policy decision the mayor and council make each year The fiscal year 2020-21 budget just went into effect on July 1st and is nearly 600 million dollars Let's break it down How is the budget funded? The city gets money from sales and property taxes bonds, savings from the previous year and various user fees, including those paid for by developers building in Goodyear

This is how the city helps to pay for important services to keep Goodyear running For example, 25 percent of the budget this year will be used for operations Things like police and fire protection and don't forget amenities that residents enjoy like parks, recreational programs and well maintained and clean streets The largest expense this coming year more than half the budget is for the city's largest projects They're critical to keep up with the city's growth

Three of those projects are set to open in 2021 and include the Goodyear Recreation Campus which will give families so many options to stay active and healthy two new fire stations which are critical to keeping you safe as Goodyear is one of America's fastest growing cities and a new water treatment facility which is essential to making sure we have clean and safe water to drink for years to come Other major projects: construction and design of Civic Square at Estrella Falls road projects including the widening of Estrella Parkway the design of a west Goodyear fire station and expansion of the Police Operations facility Goodyear is a vibrant community with a strong commitment to public safety robust investments in infrastructure and great programs, parks and services This budget will continue to make Goodyear a place people choose to live, work and play

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