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Breaking Down George Floyd’s Connection To Houston’s Screwed Up Click | Genius News


RUSSEL ABAD: Prior to George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer that sparked protests around the world against police brutality, he was Big Floyd from Houston's influential Screwed Up Click RUSSEL: Big Floyd grew up in Houston and in the '90s, he appeared on several mixtapes by the legendary DJ Screw, originator of the “chopped and screwed” sound

Floyd also released an album as a member of Presidential Playas in 2000 It wasn’t until 2014 that he moved to Minneapolis in search of new job opportunities Screwed Up Click affiliate and one-half of the legendary Houston duo UGK, Bun B reflects on Floyd’s legacy cut short BUN B: It would be impossible for him to be a rapper in Houston, to be an extended member of the Screwed Up Click family and for us to not have been in proximity, very close proximity So I’m almost certain that I was in the same room with this kid at some point

Just the thought of it makes me realize that it could’ve been me It could’ve been any one of us” RUSSEL: As rappers from YG to Lil Baby join protesters across the country, Bun B and fellow H-Town rapper Trae Tha Truth marched to Houston City Hall with Floyd’s family Floyd was a friend of Trae’s and often helped with his community events in Houston TRAE THA TRUTH: “One, it’s personal this time

You know, this is my homie, but I’m tired I’m tired because what if that’s I’ve got a son who’s 19

What if that was him? RUSSEL: When Trae Tha Truth’s music was banned from radio after a shooting at a community event he organized in 2009, Floyd supported him GEORGE FLOYD: “He is a man, man, that done put in natural work, man, across the city, across America Hey, man This man is a statement in the game right now without the radio It’s about coming together, man, because God is good

” RUSSEL: Today, the impact of Houston’s music scene and its “chopped and screwed” sound can be heard through artists like Travis Scott, Drake, and Beyoncé But now, George Floyd’s role in it all is louder than ever PROTESTERS: Say his name! George Floyd! RUSSEL: I’m Russel Abad with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music

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