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Breaking Down Eminem & Juice WRLD’s “Godzilla” Video | Genius News


[DELISA] Eminem releases a new Cole Bennet directed visual for his for his monster hit with the late Juice WRLD, “Godzilla” It’s full of callbacks, namedrops, cameos, and more so Genius News decided to take a look at some of the top references

Em starts the video by downing a bottle of alcohol, kickstarting a wild journey This could be a reference to Eminem’s past drug and alcohol abuse that led him to his current sobriety Eminem: it does feel like a second chance in the sense of life again I almost fucking died so that in itself [DELISA] Next up, we see clones of the Detroit rapper, similar to his iconic 2000 music video “The Real Slim Shady” where he’s surrounded by Eminem dopplegangers

Later, Em takes us on a walk where he runs into another familiar face, a look-alike in a straitjacket – a visu al that he’s used a number of times like in “My Name Is” and his collab with Rihanna for “The Monster” Next, a bartender hands Em a shot of vodka, another direct reference to his bars on “My Name Is” [DELISA] Right after this nod to two of his calling cards, we get the first cameo by Lenny, an easter egg director Cole Bennett places in every video The character appears on the calendar and found on the cover of a CD Cole also finds an opportunity to pay homage to a friend by floating Juice WRLD’s two albums, ‘Death Race For Love’ and ‘Goodbye and Good Riddance’ amongst the stack

Later, Eminem sits atop his throne of albums, surrounded by fans which could be a possible callback to his 2005 visual for “When I’m Gone” In the crowd, we see a doppelganger wearing a durag and glasses, a retro Eminem look from the early 2000s Later, we find the rapper butchering meat with a chainsaw And 10 years ago, Em used to often come on stage the same way Recently, Drake even posted a bit of memorabilia remembering those days

The video also gives us a visual for Em’s lyrical reference to Diddy’s infamous request on Making The Band Diddy: I want me a piece of cheesecake You know where to get, the cheesecake spot is at Off-camera:Downtown Diddy: Yeah

And ya’ll can walk from here Get the cheesecake, see the city Enjoy the sights, would ya? [DELISA] We cut to Em opening up a car trunk with a full moon above him It seems to be an allusion to the artwork of his 1999 classic ‘The Slim Shady LP’ And it’s Eminem stuffed in the trunk, like the fate of the girlfriend and victim in the “Stan” video

Right when Eminem is about to spit the fastest part of his verse, he’s surprised with a knockout punch from boxing champion Mike Tyson, who he mentioned on his late 90s cut “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” Eminem: What the fuck? Mike? Mike Tyson: Em, is that you? Aw, I didn’t mean it Please, man, I’m sorry Please forgive me Fuck! [DELISA] To treat Marshall’s injuries, Dr

Dre appears as a literal physician along with another Em clone and a nervous Tyson It’s a throwback to his many ER visits, like “Without Me” where he also got a prescription dose of liquor “I Need A Doctor” where he visits a dying Dre And “Phenomenal” where he breaks out of a hospital The music video closes with a tribute to Juice WRLD

JUICE: I hope everybody having a good day, I hope everybody accomplished something significant, even if you didn’t accomplish something significant, don’t be discouraged Just aim to accomplish something significant tomorrow and the next day and so on [DELISA] Cole, a frequent collaborator and friend of Juice WRLD, signs the video off with 999 forever and seems to aim to carry his friend’s legacy in his future works COLE: Unfortunately over the past few years, we’ve lost a lot of legends and whenever they die we always say Damn, I wish I could appreciate that person while they were here Juice was definitely appreciated while he was here

[DELISA] With all the easter eggs, throwback Eminem gems, and touching tributes to Juice, the music video is a hit with fans, gaining over 10 million views in just 24 hours What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments I’m Delisa with Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music

Source: Youtube

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