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Breaking Down Comebacks Ep1: BLACKPINK- How you like that


Welcome to the first episode of this brand new series Breaking Down Comebacks For our very first episode, we will be starting off with the most awaited comeback of the century

We will be reviewing the comeback based on five different categories So, the song starts with their very much iconic BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA The beat is very strong and in your face but after this, the beat slows down and Jennie starts to sing Yeah very different from their previous two comebacks where we usually have Jennie with her very strong rap For the first verse Rosé did the pre-chorus by herself, obviously sounding like an angel

This time surprisingly the pre-chorus was not shared by Rosé and Jisoo That was a fun change They have the same lines in so many songs that even Rosé gets confused Even in the second verse Jisoo shares the pre-chorus with Jennie which i am pretty sure they have never done So, it was a pretty good thing that they decided to change some stuff up

Then came the chorus a lot of people didn't like it saying it was an empty chorus and that the beat drop wasn't the best But in our opinion we both enjoyed the chorus and the beat drop I feel the chorus went well with what the song represents It's a badass song but with a more chill vibe to it Then we had rapper Lisa with her amazing attitude

The Arabic beat in the background though, a very nice touch Then there was the bridge which was just beautiful It was amazing how the vocal line did the whole bridge Yeah chaesoo should do the bridges together more often cause it was a treat to the ears Overall we both enjoyed the song

Now, coming to the lyrics Lots of people say that the lyrics don't make sense at all lyrics such as For all the people who don't know what this means or even after knowing that it's from superman still don't get the meaning

Let me break it down for you, this was a famous line said by the observers in the old superman movie when they see the superhero flying in the sky The reason why BLACKPINK used this is because they are saying how great they are while comparing themselves to a superhero and also the line bada bing bada boom is not just a random filler for the chorus, it's a reference to their debut song where Jennie says the same thing in her rap so to all those people who are saying that BLACKPINK's songs are meaningless and that they only have beautiful music videos and Teddy should stop making their songs Maybe maybe do a little research and your brain will be able to hopefully comprehend all this information So any negative comments on the song I felt it was really short I watched the MV while it was being premiered so I clearly remember how I was just like what, that's it, like seriously But it kind of makes sense since this is just a song that's going to be a sidetrack in the full album

Yeah and to all those impatient blinks out there that are cursing YG for giving us a three-minute song after waiting for a year and a half Just please be patient Yup i mean we have waited for a year and a half so it should not be that hard to wait for two more teeny tiny months for the whole album

And some suggestions: I loved the beat here It would have been nice to hear it in the song if it had fit in well but that doesn't matter since the song came out well either way for me that beat kind of reminded me of this So, I'm super glad they didn't use that beat for the song Anyways the biggest issue people are having about this song is it being exactly like D4 and KTL

Everyone might have different opinions but to say that How You Like That is an exact copy of either KTL or D4 is not accurate The concept of how you like that is certainly inspired by D4 and How You Like That is a sequel of some sorts to KTL so the similarities are going to be there But they can't be called the same because D4 was badass but i feel that How You Like That is more sassy and savage than D4 So, only the concept is a little similar but the song as a whole is so not the same Even for KTL the chorus and the whole song are very upbeat and direct but How You Like That is a little more toned down and they show a sassy attitude

How You Like That sounds like a question but the "Ha" before shows how they don't care about what you think about them so it makes it a statement whereas KTL was more about toxic love and how they break free from it So basically the concept of KTL and HYLT in nowhere is even related The only thing similar is their ending pose but again not a big deal Anyways moving on to the next category The music video is just beautiful, amazing, awesome

Basically the very definition of BLACKPINK BLACKPINK's music videos since their debut have always been amazing They somehow always manage to top their previous music videos Honestly BLACKPINK is just like it's either all or nothing It's like their budget has no limit

Yeah the sets, they are so gorgeous They are just like we respect the people who use green screens but it ain't us lol The whole MV is amazing but if we had to choose a favorite part I think it would be the dance break scene Yeah they literally had a whole world map behind them

Obviously representing BLACKPINK world domination lol Now moving to the next category The choreography was fresh and very original Yes, it had new formations which we have never seen in their previous dances Overall the choreography was catchy but not as much as their title tracks

It isn't something you can immediately catch in one go If we had to choose our favorite part we would choose this It's a very catchy move that goes well with the sassy attitude they are trying to show in the song All the outfits in this music video were amazing and some of our favorites for each members would be In our opinion for a pre-release it was pretty good

It's like one of those side tracks that could be the title track in an album A lot of blinks expected a lot from this comeback and were not happy with this song But this is just a side track and it's hard to put all our expectations into just one song So, if we had to rate this song out of 10 We would give it a 9

5 Thanks for watching our video do let us know what you thought of BLACKPINK's very awaited comeback If there are any other comebacks that you guys want us to break down just comment down below

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