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Breaking Down Boundaries – Labour's Disability Pledges


Hello Plymouth Luke Pollard here, I'm running for re-election as your Member of Parliament today is the United Nations International Day of Disabled People and it's a good chance to celebrate the successes of disabled people right around the world including here in Plymouth the Labour Party is the only political party in this general election to produce a manifesto for disabled people with disabled people I want to see an end to the hostile environment that the Conservatives have created for disabled people and our disabled manifesto sets out the policies that will make a real and tangible difference to the lives of disabled people right across the country and in Plymouth there are seven things in Labour's disabled manifesto that I want to tell you about which I think will make a really big difference to the lives of disabled people in Plymouth here you go number one we'll close the Disability Employment and the disability pay gap number two we'll build an inclusive education system so every child can fulfill their potential number three we'll create a new Department for Social Security replacing the broken Department for Work and Pensions that has betrayed so many disabled people under the Conservatives number four we'll scrap the cruel work capability and PIP assessment framework so everyone is treated fairly based on who they are not boxes to be ticked five we'll build homes to a lifetime standard making sure they're fully accessible for disabled people six we'll guarantee guards on every train so that disabled people can travel independently and seven we'll scrap and replace the cruel Universal Credit that's caused so much misery for so many people in Plymouth me and my team have been campaigning to make sure that disabled people in Plymouth get their fair share we've helped claim back over 600,000 pounds in withheld benefits and lost child support all of that helping people in Plymouth get their fair share on the 12th of December the future for disabled people is on the ballot paper and I'm asking for your support to reelect someone who's champions disabled people who fights for equality so please on Thursday the 12th December vote labour reelect me as your Member of Parliament thank so much Plymouth, see you soon

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