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Breaking Down Adam Driver's Appeal | Analyzing Celebrity Faces Ep. 7


I get this comment a lot, but for some reason many consider American actor Adam Driver to be a case of unconventional beauty Someone that is attractive despite not having the archetypal Hollywood face

I disagree that there is such a thing as conventional and unconventional beauty because these terms create misnomers and confusion Rather facial attractiveness and genetic health is determined much more simply with symmetry, proportion and facial dimorphism As I’ll come to explain in this video with Adam’s face, he passes two of these three categories, whereas most Hollywood stars pass all three with flying colours This is what the ordinary person would consider unconventional beauty, but the word beauty in itself implies that he’s still attractive Not all features rank equal for attraction for men and women and some harm your aesthetic appeal more than others

Being relatively recently cast as the dark and foreboding Kylo Ren, Adam Driver is very large and wide so it makes sense that his face would be so too In FB Naini’s guidelines for clinical aesthetics, he proposes that the human facial length is 1/10th of their standing height Although I have no way of scaling and measuring the length from the photos, standing at 190cm his face is spot on to what a 19cm face looks like from experience

Also, given that his hairline hasn’t moved backwards at 36 helps his face stay in this proportion From this image and many others like it, it’s clear to see that he has broad shoulders and a thick neck, both of which are strongly masculine dimorphic traits that few men actually have Moving on, Adam’s nose has a very unique shape From a side view, it has a long projection outwards which itself widens the dorsal base Men normally have a wider dorsal base than women but with Adam’s nasal bridge being narrow at the top this characteristic triangular shape is only made more apparent

We’ll use Jon Hamm who I feel is a close comparison by facial height and dimorphism, what one would consider quote on quote conventionally attractive His dorsal base is also very wide but his nasal bridge is too like most men, so the resulting shape isn’t as jarringly unique Another reason that Adamn’s nose is such a salient aspect of his face is because of the asymmetry on either side Larger noses tend to be more crooked as a considerable portion of the nose builds on soft cartilage instead of hard boney support His nasal contour isn’t straight, the nose alar’s are asymmetrically aligned and the nasal tip is biased towards his right

As humans asymmetry is one of the first things we notice on a face as we determine genetic health based on it (G Rhodes) Although we can’t always pinpoint it without artist-like detail, we register it as something feeling off, in this case ‘unconventional beauty’ Moving on let’s talk about proportion In Mommaert’s 2016 study of the ideal male jaw, he provided 3 proportion guidelines to recreate the top rated jaw shapes

A) The gonion of the jaw passes through the mouth corners The gonion being the outermost lateral part of the jaw, where from his side photos it’s clear to see it does pass through B) The jaw width (bigonial width) should be 90% of the facial width (bizygomatic width), which even without accurate measurements is very clearly the case here Lastly C) The angle formed between the nose and lateral eye corner should ideally be the same as the jaw inclination In Adam’s case they're not perfectly parallel but still closer than most men

It’s safe to assume that his jaw is very proportionate Now, being 36, he’s done a remarkable job of keeping his hairline healthy In doing so, his facial thirds aren’t exactly perfect with his upper third being shorter than his midface However, this actually works to his favour as a shorter forehead is a juvenile trait and considering he has many masculine features such as his nose and jaw, it keeps his face looking young and boyish A good comparison here is Adrian Broody who is also regarded as unconventionally attractive

When his hairline was in check for the last 2 decades he was handsome, but as it moved backwards with age, the roundness of his upper third became apparent and this acted against his features Instead of looking like a mature, well put together man, it becomes a strange mix of baby face features on an aging face The hairline is incredibly important for both genders because it frames the face To Adam’s credit, his face does have good transverse proportions Given that he has wide narrow, deep-set eyes, which are the masculine ideal, it balances the distribution of his features across his wider than average face

The long hair suits him incredibly well because without it his ears stick out a lot, having an unaesthetic helix mastoid angle We’ve already done a full breakdown on ear anatomy here to understand what that means for aesthetics In virtually all of his photos his ears are covered by hair which brings his transverse proportions at the ears inwards, as we can’t see them, and makes his face near ideal Without the hair, they would otherwise be very disproportionate So no, a number 2 fade on the sides every week is not the answer for every guy, despite what men’s influencers try to convince you

That being said, his face does have some facial flaws too With age, submental and platysmal fat increases with weight gain making the jaw appear less defined and robust This can be improved by getting leaner overall or with surgery in the case of over-enlarged glands or a low hyoid bone I’ve already mentioned that his eyes are aesthetically shaped, but to go deeper, he has a very projected brow ridge You can tell from the contour outline on his forehead and notable supraorbital ridge here sticking out, where supra means above and orbital refers to the eye socket

In the latest defining beauty video, we covered that this forehead feature is a robust facial trait that’s left over from our high testosterone neanderthal cousins This brow ridge makes his forehead overly masculine which harms his proportion by giving his face a posterior facial plane where his jaw is recessed behind the brow Although his jaw isn’t weak per say as we’ve established, it’s weak in comparison to his brow and in relation to his face In Photoshop I tried correcting these flaws by first shaving down the supra-orbital ridge to be flatter and more resemblant of the modern brow shape Then sliding the jaw forwards by only a few mm so that it’s in line with the brow and creates a neutral facial plane makes a huge difference to appeal

Lastly the nose was brought down to size using the Esthetic Eline test where a line drawn from the nose tip to the chin should be a certain distance away from the lips There are other measures to test nose projection and harmony, but this was just a rough guess Some skin retouching was done because blemishes do hurt appearances and the submental fat that I just mentioned was removed visually This final morph isn’t excessive in that it still looks like Adam Driver and granted there are still things to truly make him next level, this is something that’s achievable with surgery and effort If you enjoy facial morphs, be sure to follow @qovesstudio on Instagram

To summarize what unconventional beauty is At the beginning of the video I mentioned that attractiveness is based on foundations of symmetry, averageness, dimorphism and proportion These are the conventions that we assess conventionally attractive people by When we say unconventionally attractive it’s implying that they don’t pass these conventions and follow a different set of rules, which I disagree with Biologically, these are the things we as humans look for in determining facial attraction and if you want proof, there’s an entire series for citations on research papers

Adam is attractive within these conventions Much like Adrian Broody and the list of ‘unconventionally attractive stars’ these people are still all above average from the average joe Adam’s face has a lot of proportion by facial thirds and fifths but a few disproportions in his side profile It has a lot of symmetry, but a few notable asymmetries at his nose It has very strong masculine dimorphic traits such as the brow ridge and jaw, but a few feminine ones such as his low hairline

It’s mostly koniophilically average but has some skin blemishes which are not average In his case, men can get away with a wider range of nose sizes and shapes due to sexual dimorphism, where they have larger noses with straighter contours than their female counterparts Likewise, women can get away with a greater range of eye shapes, where cosmetic flaws like scleral show can be considered cute and endearing bambi eyes that make the eyes rounder and more feminine In Adam’s case, the point that he’s most lacking in, and ill be frank and say that his nose does not suit his face, is also the part that men are judged less harshly on and so it’s not as meaningful to his aesthetic appeal It’s easier to discern what’s attractive in men like Jon Hamm or Brad Pitt who are conventionally attractive

Unconventionally attractive means that you cannot pinpoint what makes them attractive unless you understand the more subtle psychological nuances in how we’ve come to perceive faces Regardless, they’re both compared against the same conventional standards The best comparison would be fine art where it takes a certain level of understanding to know what to look for, what to change, what should be there and what shouldn’t be there

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