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BREAKING: Deadly coronavirus spreads beyond China


Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses They get their name from the corona of surface proteins, used by the virus to penetrate the cells of its host

Some, like the common cold, cause illness in people Others circulate among animals, such as cats or bats A novel coronavirus is one that hasn’t been detected before in humans This may be what has caused a new type of viral pneumonia in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, population eleven million Early cases were linked to a seafood and meat market, which has since been shut

China’s National Health Commission quickly put out an alert, and have now confirmed it can be passed between humans Since then, the virus has spread to other Chinese cities, infecting at least 220 people and killing four There have also been confirmed cases in Thailand, South Korea and Japan In Brisbane, a man is in isolation after returning from Wuhan with a fever and cough It’s not yet known if he is carrying the novel coronavirus

“There are no specific treatments for coronaviruses, but symptoms can be treated” Biosecurity staff will now meet passengers flying into Australia from Wuhan, asking them if they are experiencing any symptoms Chinese health authorities have shared the full genome of the virus with researchers around the world, in the hope of understanding more about it, as well as improving our ability to detect it “The coronaviruses typically cause respiratory symptoms, so” “we recommend basic hand hygiene, such as washing your hands with soap and water” “and respiratory hygiene, such as when you sneeze, sneezing into your elbow” With Lunar New Year celebrations about to begin, it’s feared more infections will happen as millions of people travel across China and around the world

The Australian Government says people visiting China should consult the Smart Traveller website for the latest information

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