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Breaking Dawn || Read It Backwards *Spoilers* [CC]


Hi guys, it's Olivia here from Olivia's Catastrophe and today I'm here to start with my first read it backwards video and we are going to be reading and discussing Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer So before we get started I just want to bring it to your attention that Stephenie Meyer has said and done some racist things in the past

And I'm not excusing that And I also know that there's a tribe represented in this one and it's misrepresented And I love this series It's kind of nostalgia I'm kind of trash for it but I do acknowledge those things So every time that I mentioned the Twilight Saga in any of my videos from now on, including this one, I'm going to be making a donation to the tribe itself

It came to my attention that you can do that on Twitter So I'll always leave a link to that down below whenever I mention the Twilight Saga on my channel And I hope that maybe you might be pulled to donate as well Before each read it backwards video I would like to direct you to my announcement of this series on my channel in case you don't know what's going on I'll have a link to that up here and down below in the description box

I reread Twilight once a year and I don't read the whole thing I reread one book in the series More often than not I choose the first one Sometimes I reread the whole series but it's been a hot minute since I reread Breaking Dawn I think two years? Two or three years

So I usually don't get to this one just because it's the biggest one and it's not one of my favourites But I pretty much know what's gonna happen I know what's gonna happen and I probably could quote you some lins Okay, so I just read the first three chapters which is 46 pages of Breaking Dawn and I've decided I'm gonna start tagging and I have a tag system So for green I'm gonna tag the ship that nobody else ships

Nobody ships this I've checked the fanfiction websites I've never seen fanfiction written about this but I believe that Carlisle and Jacob would make an amazing ship Okay, Carlisle is the one vampire that Jacob doesn't hate in the beginning And he — just him and Carlisle just have this dynamic that I truly believe could've been a ship

Then for pink I'm gonna tab any moments that I think are romantic or I think actually kind of cute Cause sometimes Bella and Edward would have those moments that are cute Or something that I want to remember Then for yellow I've got problematic I've read 46 pages and there's quite a lot of yellow so that's just

it's gonna probably be the most dominant colour And last but not least I've orange and that's for any moment that Jasper Cullen is mentioned Jasper is my favourite vampire of the gang and he is like, amazing

He's one of the best characters First of all, I forgot how dramatic the prefaces are in all of her books She always has most dramatic intros to her books Then there's a mention of like, a new car and I that kind made me sad because like, that damaged truck is such a big thing in the first book and now I start reading the series and there's no truck Makes me a little bit sad

But I'm learning to deal And then I forgot that Jacob ran away at the end of the third book or something Like, he just goes on the run and so Jacob's missing and she's like 'my Jacob' and that's where the problems start The fact that she still calls him my Jacob is very problematic Bella, you need to let him go

You need to let him recover At one point when she's talking about how much she misses Jacob, she's like, oh, I'm trying to hide my emotions so that Edward doesn't get upset And that was when one of the big red flags began to me If you're trying to hide your emotions because of how it's gonna affect your partner rather than think about yourself, that's already a very problematic thing And then there was mention of Seth and I forgot that Seth Clearwater is the cutest human being ever

He's just an adorable little cinnamon roll in this series And also I forgot how much like, it's not even foreshadowing, it's hitting you over the head with what the plot of this book is gonna be Because when they sit down to tell Charlie that she's getting married now Charlie's like, you're pregnant aren't you? And then later on they have a conversation where Edward was like: oh, I really wish I could — like, we could be pregnant but that can't happen because once you're a vampire you can't be pregnant And then they talk about Tanya and they go into this whole backstory about immortal children And then she was a dream about immortal children which they changed in the film to be about the wedding slash an immortal child

But either which way, it's really going hard on the foreshadowing that she's gonna get pregnant, she's gonna have an immortal child I don't see how twelve-year-old me did not see that plot twist coming One point Edward was like, 'I don't want to diminish her choice,' when talking about Bella and I'm like, literally the third book he spent the whole time diminishing her choices So don't you go and talk about diminishing her choice I love a good wedding so I did like the wedding scene

I forgot that Jacob showed up at the wedding and Jacob was really trying his best to keep it together I am NOT a fan of Jacob from Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Mostly in Breaking Dawn because I rember he has a point of view and I remember that I didn't care But at the same time I'm grateful that he has a point of view because then we have less pregnant Bella internal thoughts Also there's a moment where Edwards like: let's talk about my wife and he says like, Mrs Cullen and he's really proud

And I read that I was like, I want someone to call me Mrs Cullen Not Edward but like, I wanna be Jasper's Mrs Cullen Move over Alice And then we got to the scenes The scenes that everybody was like, fussing over this book for which are the sex scenes

Which don't exist because they fade to black It fades to black There's no sex in it But we have to talk about the technicalities How it wouldn't actually work because no blood moves around the vampire's body so they're just missing some key things that you would need to make things happen

And I know Stephenie may have said that it's venom that helps things go Like, it that doesn't work for me It's weird

It's odd And Edward's hard as stone and with he's ice cold I rest my case I don't think it would have worked out between them Bella trying to seduce is basically Bella making a deal

Which brings me to an essay that I wrote last year when I did children's literature which included young adult literature I wrote an essay comparing Katniss to Bella And I argued that Bella has more autonomy and self-control than Katniss does Bella gets everything she wants eventually She gets — she wanted to date Edward, she dated Edward

Even Edward didn't want to date her at one point She still ended up dating Edward She wanted to be a vampire, we know that she becomes a vampire She wanted to have some experiences while she was human, she gets to have those experiences while she was human And we all know that she's gonna get pregnant in this one and she's gonna get to have her baby

So literally everything Bella wants, whether the Volturii don't want her to have it, whether Edward doesn't want her to have it, anything she gets wants, she gets Everything she wants And I'm not saying she's a strong female character because of that There's lots of other elements to her which make her not a strong female character But then we have to talk about the aftermath of like, the sex scene

Edward like: I bit a pillow or two And I'm just like: what is going on? What is going on that you don't notice a headboard being ripped up and absolutely destroyed and destructed? I don't know what is happening in those fade to black scenes because that stuff is crazy Edward, after the first time he's like: oh yeah, and I just I talked to Carlisle about what I should expect, you know, being a vampire And I'm just like ?? You just casually mentioned talking to Daddy Carlisle about your future sex life And then Bella was talking to Jake about her sex life before they left

Who has not heard about this sex life that hadn't even started happening yet? Bella has more dreams about this baby vampire to come However, in these dreams she even mentions feeling protected for the baby vampire There is no way anything is gonna surprise me in her books because she always over does the foreshadowing And we're gonna see the Cullens from the perspective of someone that's not Bella for the first time I am so excited for that to happen

I always love seeing the Cullens from a different perspective And the found family trope is one of my favourite trips of all time Oh, I forgot my hair is a mess Oh, we're just gonna ignore that Yeah so, the found family trope is one of the ones I love the most

I think it's my favourite trope and the Cullens are the found family trope They are friends who've made a family and I guess the pack is the same thing But I don't really care about the pack as much as I do about the Cullens I'm for the Cullens, okay I'm Team Edward

And we have made the switch into Jacob's point of view I'm surviving So here's a fun fact about me I don't ever read chapter titles like, at all I think I didn't read them when I was younger so my brain just completely ignores them and crosses over them

So for one I'm also reading the chapter titles here and I noticed that while Bella's point of view gets really boring chapter titles that are one word, Jacobs chapter titles are more in the Jacob kind of tone Where it's like: didn't expect this! And I think Meyer does a very good job of making the two of them sound very different And you can see that they're different people Whereas sometimes when you have multiple point of view and you switch between them, sometimes it feels like the same person It was also interesting to see the pack dynamic

This is the first time we get to see it from Jacob's point of view and it is cool to see how they think in each other's ways, and understand the dynamic a bit better I guess that's one of the cool things about getting to see Jacob's point of view A scene that I always forget happens is that Jacob spent some time with Quill who's just imprinted on Claire, who is a child And he's like: this is awkward This is weird

Why doesn't he date other people? And they have that whole conversation And I guess that's foreshadowing for the fact that Jacob's gonna imprint on the baby because we see it like, child dynamics so we know it's possible right before it happens to Jacob

So I guess that is foreshadowing Well done, Stephenie Meyer Fangirl Olivia is here and she's here to stay I have emotions and I know that with read it backwards it's just gonna keep on happening Edward and Jacob have that conversation

The conversation And Edward's like, 'You know what? If Bella wants to have babies with you, she can have babies with you' And I feel like it's just a good way of showing how broken down and far gone Edward is If he is offering that Jacob have a baby with Bella Like, first of all, it's wrong that he hasn't talked to Bella about that

He's offering this to Jacob, his worst enemy Let's say Bella hypothetically said yes and went down this path He'd be able to see those memories in Jacobs mind all of the time He's willing to lose her He just wants her alive and I don't blame him

But also guys, just imagine Imagine if he'd gone in that direction and then it'd been like, the triangle that's actually a triangle And then imagine if Edward and Jacob started to like each other throughout the thing Then it turned into like, this poly relationship? There has to be fanfic about this I've never looked into Twilight fanfic except to check if there was Jacob and Carlisle fanfic

But there was none But maybe there's like, Edward and Jacob and Bella all three being a thing And this scenario shows that that could potentially have happened I just love the dram Jacob does not hate Carlisle and he later says like: 'If there was such thing as a safe vampire, it was strangely the gentle leader

' 'I would stay away from Carlisle when the fight started' I rest my case There's no evidence for my case but the point is he doesn't hate Carlisle and if he hates all vampires but he feels that way just about Carlisle that shows how much she cares about him in some form of way Even if it's just friendship Jacob made the offer to Bella and Bella was talking about how Jacob is going to imprint

So I feel like again that's foreshadowing First of all I read the part where Leah joins the gang and they're so so so mean to Leah It just makes me so sad to see how sad they are to Leah And I also don't like the fact that Jacob kind of later on in the story starts to understand where Leah's coming from and the only way that he starts to understand and sympathise for Leah is because of the fact that he's experiencing the same thing with watching and Edward of Bella And yes, being able to be in the same situation as someone does make you emphasise more

But I wish he came to that realisation without having to be in exactly the same situation We need to normalise emphasising with people before you're in the same situation as them because there are some situations where you will never be in the same situation as them And you should still emphasise with others and understand their struggles and be a bit kinder to people, Jacob Also we have this scene where Bella has to try drinking like, human blood out of a sippy cup People, when they read this book and they read that situation, they don't think about how disturbing it is what Bella's doing

Like, drinking human blood Is that kind of cannibalism? Like, it's so horrible Just the measure of it The measure of the horror Carlisle thanks him so much and Jacob's just like don't mention it and then something happens and Jacob's like, 'I wanted to be angry with him but he was making it so hard

' And then for the first time Jacob is kind of like, seeing Carlisle as a person and just talking to him normally Calls him Doc for the first time and that term of endearment always, always gets me He's like, 'You're losing me doc, can you dumb it down?' And Carlisle chuckles once Like, he's making Carlisle laugh Have we seen Esme do that yet? I don't think we've seen as Esme do that yet

Then this is Jacob thinking about how he doesn't hate him He's like, 'I sighed too It been so easy to hate Edward for the same ignorance I still hated him for it It was just so hard to feel the same way about Carlisle

' Because he loves him guys Okay, and then later on they talk about chromosomes and Carlisle mentions having tested Jacob And Jacob's likes okay, Doc he didn't mean any harm They just have a really cute conversation And like, Carlisle laughs again

They're in love, guys First of all, the issue with clothes happens with Jacob, and he's like, he's got no clothes And then they offered some vampire clothes and the fact that he was like, tying the shorts to his leg just reminds me of the fact that he's only wearing shorts Are all the werewolves going around commando? Which also begs the question when Leah was offered clothes and stuff, which Esme did Did she offer underwear because wearing somebody else's underwear? I'm just not sure

So I kind of love this tentative friendship that Jacob and Leah have formed And also that Jacob and Edward formed So now they've gone from haters to friends and I just find that very very interesting Also Jacob falls asleep in the actual house He falls asleep in the Cullen's house

That just takes some level of friendship and trust because the truth is before this whole before all of this happened he never would have done that like that Just shows how much he has changed

Alice and the headaches equals an unpredictability tactic She's already used this before Meyer's used this before in the previous books where the werewolves mean that she can't see Bella anymore and therefore like, anything to do with the werewolves involved, like, any fights that they have after the second book I believe, everything she can't see And that's just the best way to do it because after we were introduced to Alice's power in the beginning it kind of makes her too powerful It kind of makes her too much of a wild card

It kind of drives away from the plot So the werewolves always being involved with the Cullens from the second book onwards means that we can still have an unpredictable plot And it's kind of being used again The baby Like, it's interesting how the baby's kind of got close to the werewolves kind of thing, where Alice can't see them

It's just because we need some unpredictability otherwise the plot is kind of null and void So it was a smart move Got some Carlisle Jacob stuff So, 'It was Carlisle asking so when I turned around again my face was probably less disrespectful then it would have been if anyone else had stopped me' And then they have a conversation where Jacob's like: Oh, anything goes wrong with your family it's on me

And Carlisle's like no, that's on me And that just echoes so many conversations that Bella and Edwardd have had about placing blame And also can we just take a moment to acknowledge that Seth is so nice and pure and kind He's literally the Raven Cycle Matthew Lynch of this series At one point Bella and Jacob are having a conversation about why Bella is always so happy to see Jacob

And Jacob is like: I will never be a part of your family And I guess that's just again, foreshadowing of the fact that Jacob is eventually going to be part of the family at one point And Meyer made a joke about how they're not vampire canon And I was like: please don't mention vampire canon You're vampires are so far from vampire canon

Ee shouldn't even have the word campire canon in this series Also there's the whole joke with Rosalie and a doggie bowl which is just a funny moment I find it so hilarious and I love it so much There's discussion with Leah about infertility and everything and I found that such an interesting discussion I kind of wish there was more time spent on it because Leah is really having like, a lot of discussion about her gender and also about like, what it means to be a female werewolf

And I feel like she could have her own story and I would definitely read And I'd definitely be intrigued with where like, that storyline would have gone Because Leah, like, Leah is actually the most reasonable character in his whole thing Later on she goes to debate with Bella about what she's doing to Jacob And I felt like, that was legit

Like, that is the truth That's exactly what I would have wanted to do And I was kind of glad that she finally did that Okay, so we've rehoused ourselves upstairs because literally everybody just came home But we got some more Carlisle Jacob moments

So, 'Carlisle put his hand on my arm The icy touch did not feel good but I didn't jerk away I held still half in surprise and half because I didn't want to hurt his feelings' So then Bella talks about her names and legit, she has the worst names ever The male name that she had in mind was EJ and like, it's not awful but we all know it's because Edward Jacob

And just how messed up is this love triangle that she's thinking of naming her baby after her husband and well, admittedly, her husband at her best friend But it's her husband and her best friend who is still in love with her Like Bella, what are you doing?! And then Renesmee Well, that's not much better We're at the part where they can hear the baby's thoughts and if that whole situation wasn't so messed up, that might be cute

But the fact that they can hear the baby's thoughts is not cute It's just freaky And then the whole scene happened with the baby being born and I think that's one of the most horrific pregnancy things I've read so far I mean like, her spine breaks It just

everything about it sounds absolutely awful I like how it was realistic Like, Rosalie can't take it

She starts to feel hungry Like, although she does let Jacob win, I still feel like it's realistic And for a moment that I forgot that they were vampires because Edward was just so chill Like, the fact that Edward is so chill with Bella like, bleeding all over the place just goes to show how he has reached top tier Like, there's top tier and then there's Carlisle level

And he's reached Carlisle — I really say that name wrong, oh my gosh There's Carlisle level and yeah, he's reached Carlisle level It shows how much he's progressed from the first like, book where we first meet him And he's like: I can't even be in the same room And now she's like bleeding all over the place and he's like: I can chill here for as long as I want

I just want to take a moment to say something about the pacing of this book But it was just perfect timing Just when I thought I don't really want to hear more about the pregnancy, Stephenie was like: actually people are gonna be fed up Now, let's do the pregnancy thing now And she just

pacing is so on point And that makes me so happy And last but at least we have to talk about the fact that Jacob was imprinting on Renesmee

And I feel like it was like really well done for what it is I still find the concept of him imprinting on a newborn baby that literally just came out of the womb really weird However, the way that the author describes it kind of makes it as normal as you possibly could Of the way that she describes all the strings holding him to the earth revolving around Renesme seems almost maternal Like, less like: oh, I've fallen in love

More so like: and now I need to care for this person So the first thing that happened was Bella has turned into a vampire and I remember when I first read this book I wanted to like I felt a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see like, the vampire actually being bloodthirsty and like, all vicious and everything

But again, it was smart on Stephenie Meyer's side because we didn't have time to like hear about all of that If you wanted an actual story, an actual plot, we couldn't just have Bella going with her instincts Again, very smart placing off the power choice that she gives her Also I remember I really liked finally getting a vampire point of view because it was just so interesting to see what they could see, what they could do, how easy it was for them And I feel like that's one thing that she described very well and I was very interested in hearing described

Also Jasper's featured a little bit more We get to see Jasper kind of trying to be the bodyguard and play the bodyguard role Because we're all worried about Bella like, attacking Renesmee and Jacob and all the other humans But like, Jasper being a bodyguard character It's just so me

I love a good bodyguard I also love when Bella sees Jasper for the first time and he's got like, these scars on his face and for the first time she actually feels that fear of him And jJasper like, reads the room and reads her expressions It was just like she's noticed Like, it just — I love Jasper

He's literally the best character Oh, I've also decided that Jasper's definitely infj So at the point where he realises that Bella can control his instincts he's like: I can't take this He's like: I literally can't understand it I need to go run away into the woods

And Edward legit says: what does Edward say? Edward says, 'He needs a moment alone to readjust his perspective on life' And if that's not infj vibes I don't know what else is Infj people, they just tend to have this pattern that they follow that they think is like, how they expect people to behave And when someone's behaviour is like the polar opposite from their expectations, they struggle with that and adjust But he's struggling with that now

I know that there's some other things that Jasper does which seemed very infj like His history as far as I can remember is that he used to play this bodyguard role to this person who betrayed him And then once he portrayed her he'd, I think he kills her? But I feel like that's like, a door slam moment Like, he does the infj door slam It's also

there's a moment where Bella and Edward go hunting and in that moment when Bella watches Edward hunt she's like: oh, this is so sensual And when she describes watching Eddard hunt I immediately just had this like, tangent thought of Fifty Shades of Grey which I have not read

But I have heard that like, Grey Grey is his name? Christian! Christian Grey like, eats food and then like, thinks of sex or something?And I was like, I know it's Twilight fan fiction But like, did that little like, morsel of fascination come from the fact that Bella watches Edward eat and then was really turned on? And therefore that translates into Fifty Shades of Grey? Maybe I'm reading too much into it

The fact that Bella liked Jacob because she was carrying and Esme like, it makes so much sense and like, it makes so much sense but it's still so strange And Reneesme's gift is just so smart

And it makes so much sense because it's Edward's gift reversed That it means we get to know so much more about her at such an early age And I just I love the fact that her gift is Edward's one reversed We have to talk about the funniest scene in Breaking Dawn entirely It's the funniest scene in the film

It's the funniest scene in this book And that is the famous you named my daughter after the Loch Ness monster scene Like, it's so just peak funny I just find the scene in the film hilarious I find the scene in the book hilarious

Like the scene, it's funny but like, it's even more funny in the book Bella's frustration and Bella's anger But at the same time like, while this is all going on you hear like, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Edward they're all like, having some banter in the background And that's just interspersed into it which makes it all the more funnier because I do see Twilight as the found family trope And I feel like in that scene you get to see the found family-like banter, quips thing going on on the side Well, you also get to see Bella just being iconic and fierce and vampire-like And also it's just funny

I noticed that Edward calls Bella love and I don't remember if this is something that he did in previous books or if it just happened as she switched into a vampire So I guess that's something I'll have to look for in Eclipse And the other ones when I read it backwards I also want to talk a little bit about their like, vampire intensity because Edwards like: Oh, Bella, you've been sleeping nights You don't know what they get up to at night time

I'm just like?? They all share a house and if they're always like, intense and active and vicious and loud as Edward says Just imagine living in a house where every night there's like, three couples of vampires having really hot whole sex? Must be quite place to live I also remembered reading this section that I just finished reading

That this is actually one of my least favourite books in this series So my favourite books in the series are typically Twilight and Eclipse because the ending is just not my favourite thing Like, the ending of Breaking Dawn isn't bad But after the whole pregnancy drama like, it's too easy Like, they all have a common enemy

Jacob and Edward's relationship is fine They're all just so happy Like what does it say about me that this is the least problematic Edward and Bella's relationship is and? But I feel like Charlie is a very underrated dad in the fiction world I feel like Charlie really just does his best to be like, a good dad

And I guess in this one he doesn't have too much of a spotlight But he did just meet Renesmee and like Jacob phased in front of him and he's still like sticking around and just do the best he can I feel like it's a bit unrealistic that he doesn't want to know anything But I guess there's people who don't wanna know the truth As we could see lately

I also really enjoyed the scene where Emmett has this arm wrestling match with Bella I guess one of the good things about this book is that because it's so big Meyer had more time to show like, the family just messing around and being a family And it's just been announced at the Volturi are coming and then Alice and Jasper do their disappearing act And I think they disappear until the very end as far as I remember But it's just so funny when they disappeared because Alice is like: quick you've got to get them all! I and it's just kind of like — I've never even watched Pokemon but it still gives me the Pokemon vibe of gotta catch them all! Like, right before she leaves

And Jasper's totally confused but he just — every time I see Alice and Jasper interact it's just so clear that Jasper trusts Alice would like, literally everything If Alice tells him not to worry he like, stands down Other people tell him not to worry he doesn't stand down And also and she's like: we got to go! And Jasper's got confusion plainly written on his face He still just allows himself to be pulled away from Alice because he just trusts in her absolutely, wholeheartedly and completely

And we love it I finished Breaking Dawn I didn't have as much to say about the end as I did about the rest of the beginning of the book Just because the ending is just not my favourite part But I do have a few things to say

So first of all Bella says that the middle name of Renesmee is Carlie As in Carlisle and Charlie put together Again, we acknowledge that Bella has a horrible taste in names She should never have been allowed to make the decisions And I really like the how Stephenie Meyer just perfectly closes up the plot holes when it comes to Bella's powers

And she does it so seamlessly with her power of the shield and why Edward can't hear her thoughts And I don't know if she intentionally planned this but I feel like it's more like Meyer was trying to cover plot holes that people have been poking in the book rather than something that she planned from the beginning of the series That is okay authors are allowed to do that I found it very interesting that when she was trying to use her shield power, it wasn't working She couldn't protect Edward until Renesmee was threatened

I think it creates an interesting discussion about the relationships that partners have and the relationships that a mother-daughter has Is it stronger? Is that what this book is trying to suggest? I don't know I'm not looking too deep into it but it does bring up the interesting dynamic It was also very interesting to see how when she protects Sam or Jacob it protects the entire pack So like the pack mentality is just so complex and I feel it could be so interesting to have another book that kind of just focuses on the Wolves

The shapeshifters, I should say The shapeshifters perspective and how that works Again, I love how at the end she closes up some plot plot holes with the shapeshifters, I should say, rather than the werewolves because they're not actually werewolves And it's like why didn't she bring this up before And it was like, 'it didn't come up'

Which I guess is fair but still it just really feels like she's trying to cover her bases at the end there But shapeshifters does suit them a whole lot more than werewolves because it's so far from the werewolf mentality other than the fact that they are indeed wolves Now, we do need to talk a little bit about the representation in this one I wasn't too happy that when the vampire gathering started, rather than calling all of these vampires by their names she tends to go like: all the Romanians, the Egyptians And she'd be like: I didn't like the Romanians

And I don't know That just felt a little bit uncomfortable to me I just would rather she just to use people's names And sometimes she does so I don't see why she couldn't use their names all of the time rather than being like, this group of people from this country I don't like I just — it just niggled at me

And secondly, I just really, really didn't like the way she introduced Zafrina and her sister Like: in the beginning it just seemed a little bit a little bit racist, I gotta admit Because they're the black vampires and they turn up And then she's like, so so uncomfortable Bella Is so uncomfortable with the black vampires being there

She's like: they move differently than all other vampires They're like, more scary and then once she has to give them to Renesmee She was like: oh, I'm scared for Renesmee And even when she's like: oh, I do like them, I do but they still scare me I wouldn't want them near me

And like, what're you're scared of woman? You're a vampire, they're a vampire The only thing different between them is that they come from a different culture and they have a different skin tone So I don't know, that also really just didn't sit well with me And I feel like Breaking Dawn is not one that I reread often and I can see why I prefer the first half

Then all the drama's gone and then there's like, iffy feelings of the way that she's describing other people I'm just not for it So I can't see myself we rereading Breaking Dawn again And I guess this is what read it backwards was for To see how I feel the same way about this series

And I still call the Twilight Saga some of my favourites because I do believe once I read the first, second and third I'm going to like them a lot more But Breaking Dawn it's not the series ending for me

I think I won't be read it again And if I do reread it I feel like I would reread part one and then stop at like, part 1 and part 2 And then when it switches from Jacob's perspective I'd stop reading A cute moment was when and we've got an MP3 player for Christmas and that was advanced technology And the best thing you can have

I always just feel very like, nostalgic when I see like, old technology being called the newest technology And then also something that was really cute was Kate and Garrett Like, the way their relationship blossomed over the course of the book was just so sweet It's like such a small side romance but then Garrett had a speech I like There's just something about the way that Meyer creates all these characters and ends this series that is perfect because she closes off the story so so well

It's an ending It's conclusive You feel like it's done But she's left so many avenues where she could just continue this I know she's doing Midnight Sun which is Twilight from Edward's point of view

But she could have a whole book about Jacob and Renesmee, she could have a whole book about Nahuel who has this situation with his sisters and his father and being like, half vampire half human You can have a whole story there You could have a whole story going into any of the backgrounds of each and every one of the vampires Irina, Tanya, Kate, the sister dynamic and the immortal children We could have that story

We could have the story of Garrett because he seems to be a nomand but he seems like the person who could have had a family beforehand We could have a story about Zafrina and then like, honestly we could have a story about any of these background characters

Even the Cullens had their own backstory she could have gone into And I feel like I much would have rather she did one of those Rather than The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner which I've decided I won't be reading in the read it backwards Just cause it just doesn't interest me I also want to just laugh at the part where Edward's like goodbye Jacob, goodbye brother, goodbye son

And when he says goodbye son I'm like, that's it That's too far Like, I can understand the relationship has come a very long way They can see each other as brothers but him calling him son was just the most unnatural thing in the world for me to read And lastly, they're like: Oh, in six and a half years Esme is gonna have to reach full maturity

But apparently you know, Nahuel still looks like quite the child And I'm like, how's that gonna work for Jacob and Renesmee? Is she's still going to look like a teenager the whole way through? Is that like, gonna stay? Is that gonna morph into a romantic relationship or is his imprinting always gonna stay this like, child brother kind of dynamic? I'm curious This book doesn't give me the answers But another book could give me the answers, Stephenie So that's kind of all I think about this book You can see that it's kind of mixed I feel like if teenager me, twelve-year-old me who first read this book rated it, it would have been a five-star rating I doled out the five stars like nobody's business back then

So I think back then I would have given that book five stars And like, the pacing is still impeccable in this book I think I would give it four stars I'll give it four stars now and if I was gonna be like really critical I'd give it three stars But I just don't think I have it in me because it still has the childhood nostalgia attached

So I'm gonna say four stars And that's it for this for this read it backwards video It's really long If you've made it this far through put the word dawn with an exclamation mark in the comments so I know that you survived Please let me know in the comment section down below: do you agree or disagree with any of my opinions? I would love to discuss this book with you

Thank you so much for watching The next read it backwards next month will be on Eclipse Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, hit the subscribe button if you want to see more and don't forget to hit the notification bell to be updated every time I have a new video And you know what they say — oh, this is the wrong fandom but anyway — you know what they say Onwards and upwards


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