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BREAKING! Coronavirus Wuhan Citizen in China Asks the World For Help, English subtitles, SHARE!


Hello everyone, I hope everyone who is watching this can cherish this video Because it is very difficult to post anything online now

In mainland China, well, you know, we need VPN and all kinds of stuff, and there's severe internet latency So I've got no other choice but to seek help from here Hope there's Chinese comrades and people with kindness can watch this, and be aware about this Wuhan Pneumonia so called "Coronavirus" pandemic, The severity of the situation, and the actual living condition of us Wuhan people Right now, the entire Wuhan has its entire transportation system, public transport halted, all of them For example, gas stations are no longer in service

And, I've had a few questions For example, perhaps one of your family member has something like a high blood pressure condition or heart attack, and needs to go to the hospital immediately How do we do that? Calling emergency hotline 120, you can try it, it simply doesn't get through Just doesn't get through at all Always busy

Another example, you suspect that you might have contacted the pneumonia You want to get to the hospital to get checked But you just can't get there at all Hospitals are packed The doctors don't tell you to get registered or anything, you just have to line up

You might have to wait hours in line and still can't get treated Perhaps you were fine before, but after queuing up for hours, you get contaminated And then I'm gonna talk about something I saw with my own eyes One day before the day Wuhan is locked down, As well as before 22nd, In the entire city of Wuhan, There weren't much people wearing masks There were just a bunch of people walking around without masks

Playing mahjong, Chitchatting everywhere, interacting with street vendors I've got a question for us to discuss in this public platform, What the hell had the Wuhan mayor and the Party committee secretary doing? As a local government official, did they not receive any information? If they had indeed receive any first-hand information, Why did they not take any actions? For the entirety of the press conference, Why did they not urge us to immediately put on a mask? To at least increase our public health awareness? If he did not receive any information, then he has neglected his duty and he simply isn't fit for a job of local government official and should have been sacked long ago Am I not right? Are my logics flawed? It is only til 23rd, when Wuhan was locked down, we finally have some sort of flyers all over our place flyers to demand everyone to wear a mask and then from 23rd to 24th and now 25th, we finally started seeing people wearing masks So it is not about the citizens refusing to wear masks it is about the local government did not do anything at all or maybe they even have some ulterior motive As for what motive, let's not discuss about them

We can only say that in this Pandemic, even after the 2003 experience, we are just repeating our mistakes And the current situation is definitely just as bad as the 2003 SARS, if not worse If you want to go outside, to get checked, all of the public transportation are stopped If you want to drive yourself to the hospital, there are no gas stations for you to refill Though I don't know for a fact that the gas stations stopped operation, I've heard it from the internet, and did not check it myself So this is still speculative

Then, The whole picture for the current situation is, Medical service is completely paralyzed, or I should say in total chaos I have a lot of friends who work at hospitals says that if you enter a hospital, they'll just give you some anti-inflammatory drugs or some hormone injection or to put it bluntly, you are just left for dead If you are strong you might make it through If you don't, you're dead And the worst thing is some of the "suspected case" are just as good as confirmed but they ran out of test solutions or something like that or they simply don't have enough resources or manpower to test it They'll just tell you to go home and isolate yourselves I want to fucking ask, can you find another country on this planet to be such fucking bullshit? Even if you are suspected to have the contracted the disease, not to mention those who are confirmed to have been diagnosed, You should at least get some form of medical treatment right? How can they just toss you away like that? If you are a super-spreader, then doesn't it mean that the government, or the medical facility just told you to carry the virus all over the place? And cross-contaminate everyone? As a regular citizen, No matter how well you know about medical knowledge and how well you isolate yourself you won't be as well-informed as the hospital staves and won't be isolated as safely

Can you find another country on this planet, another government, to fuck shit up like this? I'm here on YouTube, with this video I don't have any ulterior motive I simply think that in one's lifetime, There will always come to the time where you must speak out the truth Sometimes in life, you have to inevitably lie in order to survive or for whatever reason But in some specific occasion, for example right now, I think it is necessary to speak out the truth with your own heart and conscience

Wuhan is like the fucking hell right now It used to be a very civil place, the place where Mr Sun Yat-sen started the revolution to overthrow Imperial China He fired his first round here It was suggested to build Wuhan like the current New York, a modern city But now? What does it look like now? You see all kinds of pathetic, ridiculous, outrageous, tragic, every moment, you can see videos on twitter or other social medias some familiar roads of Wuhan, or someone with a Wuhan accent, some random person just drops dead or all kinds of scenarios All those tragedies are just happening on the first day of Lunar New Year It was supposed to be a festive, happy day we all celebrate But now do you think us as Wuhan people, or as Chinese can feel happy? And I hope that all overseas Chinese can understand one point: We the Chinese, at least my friends and me, in our 20s and 30s are not dumbasses, are not brainwashed In our brains we all know it clearly [Reference to a political scandal] We can ignore that and make fun of it but we all fucking know what this country really is We just have no ways, no power, our bodies are made of flesh and blood

We can't beat full metal jackets and tanks I hope every single overseas Chinese who can watch this video, help us You don't have to spend a dime, or do anything, You just tap with your finger, get the message out I'm not making a living out of this I just want to create some public pressure to make the Chinese government know not to escape their responsibilities

They escaped all the way to some random shithole island in Qing Hai, to act like they are giving instructions to deal with the pandemic instructing my ass, are you thinking everyone else is retarded? Fuck you Now, we as people could think in other's positions right? Imagine you are a Wuhan citizen now, If you are living on this land, Your family, your friends, all the people you know, Suddenly contracted the disease It's not like they refused to cooperate but they just have no way to get any medical treatments Can't even get diagnosed, They can only sit there and be tormented by the disease and eventually death A man only live fucking once

You've got only one life Once you're dead, it's over And this virus, it's not causing symptoms as the officials said, fever, cough or whatever, Even if you have no fever and no coughs, You can still have the disease And it's not only through oral transmissions It can also get you through your eyes mucus This is already confirmed Many medical staves have already confirmed this And one month before the lockdown, During the new year rush, a million or two have already left Wuhan What about those people? How to you prevent them from spreading the disease? Are you gonna lock the whole China down? Lockdown this, lockdown that, what the fuck have you been doing before this? So I hope everyone who can watch my video, can treasure this video as it was really difficult to upload

I have been risking getting caught by the police all this time, Trying to get the truth out We are really helpless Not all of us are brainwashed We, too want to live the life with democracy and freedom, open, and we too wanted to browse the internet without having to use VPN But we just can't, what can we even do about it? Right? High housing cost, living cost, inflation

Whatever happens to the high-ranked officials, they'd scrape benefits off us peasants and we can only watch All of the friends around me, as long as they are rich or have the ability, they would fucking migrate the very moment they could None of us are dumb, we just have no power I urge you guys to help, at least right now, we the Wuhan people really need the international pressure and awareness

200 00:11:33,160 –> 00:00:00,000 We are really too helpless, just one word, helpless

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