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Breaking Barriers: Toward Better Economic Opportunities for Women in Malaysia


It was the end of January He was coming back from work, and he got into a hit and run accident

I had to go back and forth to the hospital My factory supervisor said I couldn't continue on like this I had to quit, and I haven't worked since then I do want to work, but the problem is it's hard with the kids The challenge with the women here is that they can't go any further because of certain challenges

Among them are a lack of childcare services and parents with illnesses, so their movements are restricted Mothers shouldn't have to decide between work and family I think the main reason that I quit from my 9 to 5 job was because it was not 9 to 5, it was actually 6 to 10, whereby, I didn't have time at all for my family and we couldn't even start up a family Women should not be held back from economic opportunities It's a great loss A great economic loss

A great opportunity can be opened up for them And therefore the emphasis by the government is to make sure that we give the necessary incentives and certain advantages It's often been said that empowering women is not only the right thing to do, but it's also the smart thing to do We need to find a way to not just attract but retain our women in the workforce There should be greater women's participation in the workforce

Policy alone, while it is good it must be supplemented by a supportive environment Women are mothers, women are wives, women are daughters, they play active roles in the office and out We've got to create policies, we've got to create a workplace that best caters to the lives that women lead It's time to break barriers Even with the 6 months (of maternity leave), I don't feel like I'm being discriminated after I come back to work In fact, there was actually a lot of support from the management

I can still continue to pursue my ambitions Being out of the industry for about 15 years, you feel like you're a bit left out But when I did actually come back, it didn't seem like I ever left There are some days that I work from home, there are also days that I bring my kids to the office when I have to

I believe this is a practice that has long reinforced the concept of the employee being a family I'm a father of a special needs child There are times that my wife couldn’t handle things by herself By having time flexibility, I have the opportunity to help her We would like to ask for support from any NGOs or agencies, whether it is to add a tuition place for the kids here, or to give us more job business opportunities

Even though I am sick, I can still do something And I am financially secure I wish our government will come forward and help us achieve that I think with their help, we’ll be able to touch more women nationwide To all women: "Let's break barriers!" Let's break barriers! Let's break barriers! Let's break barriers! Let's break barriers! Let's break barriers! Let's break barriers! Let's break barriers!

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